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The Ep. VII Blaster you've been waiting for... (Limited Run)

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Just an update on shipping since I've been extremely inundated with messages and emails asking for ETAs on their orders. 


As some of you know there was a filament shortage with my provider throughout most of the months of february and january. The shortage is no longer a problem now and it's pedal to the metal with production. Pretty much all of the pre-run 501st orders on Etsy have been shipped (with exception of a couple that wanted some custom things) and I've started shipping the initial orders on the run.


I have about 70 orders to ship in total, between Etsy orders and the orders on my shop and paypal. I am working 100+ hours a week to fulfill these as fast as I possibly can, believe me when I say that all of your orders are my number one priority and I am working very hard to ensure that you love your blasters and will want to troop everywhere with them once you get them. It's nearly impossible for me to respond to everyone's inquiry on an ETA since I have to go down the production schedule every time to come up with a date for them which constantly changes due to variables that are often times out of my control. 


Bottom line is: Most if not all orders will be shipped in the next coming weeks and all should be shipped prior to mid-april. I shipped out 10 just a couple days ago, working on another batch which should be out next monday for the 501st run orders. If you have any non-ETA related questions, feel free to send them to the contact form on the website or PM me here, but I can't respond to any ETA questions at the moment. Way too many of them and with stuff changing all the time I'm not entirely confident in my ability to produce an accurate ETA for a single specific order in the first place. 


I love you guys a lot, I'd never thought I'd have this many orders to work on in such a short period of time - your patience means everything to me! I think you'll absolutely love the blasters once you receive them. The people who have received theirs from the Etsy orders sure seem to love them, anyways. You'll get a notification with tracking info and everything once your order does ship - all orders are going out with USPS Priority Mail so it should only take about 2 business days once it does ship to get to ya. 


If I have any updates on shipping in the future, I'll be sure to post them here. Thanks again for your patience! 

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All the pics look great. I'm anxious to finally get a proper blaster. :R2D2:

Me too brother... The survivors from the other F-11 mess, hahaha

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