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Happy "TFA"


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Hey my fellow Stormie dudes.... teehee.gif
I wish you all a lot of fun at the movie theatres.....enjoy it, guys sweat.gif
I see the movie with my family as recently as at friday.
....and at saturday I have a nice TFA-troop in a movie theater with a lot of 501st buddys....and after the troop we see the movie again....
The nerdy live is awesome sweat.gif

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Back at you - it's going to be memorable for sure. Maybe people can post pix of their memories?


Oh yeah...maybe here in this topic?...would be cool....I will post a few pics of my memories ^_^

See ya :peace: 

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Was awesome, hope you all enjoy just as much as I



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The crew is out!





And after that, Day-long troop at DisneyLand, parades and such, met J. Bulloch and managed to chat with him, and film projection again :)



And... I'm going back into it tomorrow and the day after ;)

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2nd viewing was just as enjoyable. Yes I know similar plots to other movies, but still old school Star Wars so a win for me (especially with NO Jar Jar ;) )







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Woooohooo...what a great weekend....absolute great movie incl an awesome event with my 501st dudes ^^


New imperial standard helmets--->>
This is me....I love my bikerscout sweat.gif
...This is for Daniel--->>

Photobomb ^^ --->>

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Never too late, Hans....

Really cool group picture....especially the photobomb-guy top left. :laugh1:

Bit off-topic...your given name sounds a bit german...what's your history?

Big greetings from germany :duim:

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