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  1. Thanks Q! Actually thought about you a lot doing this....
  2. I got an FOTK kit from Jimiroquai over at RPF in the middle of the year. Rushed to get it done to get approved before Celebration Europe but missed a few details which I addressed and got approved after my European holiday. I initially thought I could get away with the kit just the way it was and without doing any cutting. It was baggy without the gaskets and I thought once I got my gaskets, it would all fit well. But after the first two troops, I realised that it was just too big especially on all the limbs. I was 'clunking' around when I had it on and just felt wrong. Felt like one of those bad Iron-Man costumes at the cons where it just looks too big and uncomfortable. 100% for effort, but just built and fitted wrong. Anyways, I decided to bite the bullet and rebuild all the arm and leg parts - so shin, thighs, biceps and forearms. I also pulled apart my (FN) gaskets and had a go at making them fit me better. Just like the armour it was too baggy. This was the photo that made me decide to go ahead with the mod. The bicep especially. Cool pic, but every time I look at it I cringe a little cos I can actually feel where its wrong when I look at it. And here is an approval shot.... You can see in this shot how big the thighs are as well. The gap sticking out under the buttplate.... Lets start with the dreaded cuts.... I first thought I only had to cut one side of the forearm and rejoin when I had it measured. But because they have symmetrical ridges on both sides, I had to cut them into two pieces and reattach them.... After some sanding and cleaning up some rough bits...I measured best I could by myself in the mirror... Then it was on to cutting some ABS strips out to use as joiners. Made sure I sanded the areas that would be glued. Once that was done, it was on to some bog action. I use APOXIE SCULPT. I found it is good to work with and not as messy or smelly as most others. I also have a couple tubes of TAMIYA plastic model putty for all the pin holes... Learned from past mistakes that Im pretty messy with the stuff, so best to tape off a border to prevent having to take off excess putty. I probably did four or five rounds of - putty, dry sand, wet sand, primer - repeat. I think I had to tell myself that it would have to do because each time I gave it a coat of primer, I would knit pick on some tiny flaw or a bubble I missed. And after many many hours of doing something I hate (sanding)....on to the other thing that I don't enjoy so much - painting. Gave it many coats of gloss white and more than a couple of coats of clear. And these are the completed gaskets.... Before I modded my gaskets, I could never keep the knees up. Whenever I bent my knees, I heard the tearing sound of velcro and the knee gaskets would slip off the thigh piece ever so slowly. I changed the velcro from front on to the sides....that way they don't suffer so much from the bending of the knees. I can now walk much easier and nothing slips. I hope you can see where I have placed the velcro bits.... And finally here are some side 2 side shots for comparison. I dunno if it looks all that much different at a glance, but it does feel like my two other costumes now. I can walk, run, jump, climb stairs and pretty much do everything I can in my original TK and movie clone. It's still not 100%. My main blaster needs a repaint and Im trying to organise for some V4 knee pads as they are more contoured to the knee than the ones I have on. I might also shorten the shoulder bells as they are quite big compared to the screen shots. Thanks for looking and I hope this helps anyone intending to mod Jim's armour. I don't claim to be a good builder, but I think I do ok for someone with no garage, average tools and limited knowledge of the fact. Any feedback would be welcome. Let me know what you think! CHEERS TROOPERS!
  3. Nah. I cut and rejoined them....but was maybe wanting to look at ABS ones because Jim's ones are really prone to paint cracking in a 'bendy' part like the spat.
  4. As far as undersuits are concerned, I have tried them all. One piece, two piece, motorcycle undersuits, sports compression suits, cheap, expensive, recommended and the rest. And the one thing that is the most comfortable and cost effective - are of course the cheapest ones. Im not sure if you have UNIQLO in America, but their 'HEAT TECH' undergarments are what I use and have been using for the last 18 months. They cost no more than $15 a piece for top and bottom, and all you have make sure is to buy at least a size down depending on how tight you want it. Its super lightweight and durable for what it is, breathable and very quick to dry if wet. They also have an 'extra warm' version for the winter months. Same price Im sure. Hope this helps.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to ask....but I'm after a pair of Anovos spats. If anyone has a spare pair for sale or know where I can get some from...please hit me up! Thanks!
  6. The armour and all the weapons look friggin' amazing!! Congrats!!!
  7. It was made for this place.... http://sploid.gizmodo.com/this-is-the-worst-star-wars-exhibition-ive-ever-seen-1600221857
  8. Yes Im pretty sure you can. You are allowed to trim parts so they don't rub and will assist in movement such as inside and the back of the thighs and shins, around the ankles and forearms. Should be ok as long as it doesn't take away from the general look of the area. Also remember that you want as little black to show overall, so the less you have to take off the armour the better. A little bit of rubbing and clunking is normal, but you will know what you are comfortable with after the first few proper troops.
  9. Thanks! Kit arrived last week and have prepped the inside with sanding and some bondo in the gaps. Given it a wash and the first coat of primer to see what other bits I have to fill. Winter kicked in hard this morning in Melbourne and its cold & wet outside. Looks like its gonna be like that for the next week. Planning on working out my strapping and joining all the bits while I'm stuck inside. Waiting on my last item to arrive which are the gaskets. Been following your build from the start and its very impressive and also very helpful. So thank you!
  10. Thanks. So no seams or no gaps? I am assuming you mean you need to bondo where you have glued the boxes in right? ...and not 'no gaps' between the boxes.
  11. What do you mean by 'make sure there is no gap between the boxes on your left leg'....?
  12. I can fully kit up myself. Just practice. Once you've done it enough times and made adjustments to your fit, you'll be able to whip it on and off when you like.
  13. The wrinkling is probably caused by too heavy a coat of spray versus the temperature/conditions while painting.
  14. Hey sorry I just saw this! I paid USD$200. But you have to think about postage I guess cos you are on the other side of the world. If Im not mistaken, there is someone on the forum doing 3D printed DLT's. They are much much lighter. Mine weighs about 7kg's and if I troop with it all day like at a con....my arms are broken at the end.
  15. There has to be 501st members who have had a say or involvement in the design/building/creation of these new stormtrooper suits. Just makes sense for film makers of 'Star Wars' to utilise some of the expert and detailed work some of you do. My question is how come we are all still fighting about it? Can't someone here just come out with the truth? I understand confidentiality laws and contracts...but Im sure we could at least get a 'YES'...they were for mobility etc...or 'NO' blah blah blah.....without actually giving any spoilers. Same thing I wondered for when the TFA trailers came out. Someone or more on here would have had a part in it. Or does Lucasfilm do everything in house?
  16. I think my AP was the last few batches to come before the newly improved version thats offered now. Even then I'm very very happy with it and it has been good to me so far for 19 troops in 13 months. Just starting to show some wear but I think that makes it look a little more authentic! Thats what I tell my self anyways. If and when I replace it I would have no issues getting the same one. Good luck with yours!
  17. I would leave them unless you're absolutely sure of what you're doing. One small mistake with a drill can give you even more frustration! Try spinning them first to see if they will lean the other way. Its got to do with the bottom edge of the hovi tip against the rounded mould its sitting on.
  18. I have a couple of AP buckets and just had a look after reading this thread. They both have the slightly wonky teeth and bump on one eye. Although not as prominent as on the ANOVOS pics on here....I think those imperfections are meant to be there!
  19. Thanks Knockerbot! It has been fun so far building and upgrading pretty much every other week. I discovered that with building a TK, nearly all mistakes can be fixed. Of course you want to avoid them, but you shouldn't really have to freak out if you break something or cut something too far. Good luck with your build!
  20. Bit late...but here is the Knighfall Squad for the midnight release at IMAX Melbourne - with Scott Loxley in the FO armour front centre.
  21. My first suit of armour was a TK that cost me around $1800 to build. But that also included buying a Dremel and some other tools that I never had. The I built a movie clone. I wouldn't say it was much harder, but it was definitely much more work and labour intensive. Even with the tools I bought from the first build, the total cost was still around the $1500 mark. I think it was mostly because of paint and postage fees. Those who live in the Southern Hemisphere have to try and get the bits halfway across the world. Especially for those of us who aren't creative enough or have the resources to make our own parts. I would guess a fully built suit would cost upwards of $2500-$3000 - at the very least.
  22. Compared to most here I've only been an approved member and trooping for a year...so I can't really compare anything to how it 'was'. But I don't think we should panic and cast knee jerk reactions. Just yet anyways. In my squad, nothing has changed so far. We have ALWAYS been told 'yea' or 'nae' before the event if we should have our blasters or not. Sometimes its 'all good'. Sometimes 'in holster only'. Sometimes the client requests it. And sometimes its a 'might as well leave the holster at home too'. So much so that it has become the culture for troopers to actually ask if we can have blasters before each troop in the changeroom. Hospitals and other more sensitive troops are of course a no-brainer. And so far no one has complained. Ever. I personally think the blasters are a part of the costume/character. I've said it before somewhere that a Jedi without a lightsaber is just some person in a fancy bathrobe innit. But I kinda get it that at some point...if I want to be in the gang...I would have to adhere to certain rules weather I like it or not.
  23. Are you allowed to carry a concealed weapon in public if you have a licence in the USA...or anywhere for that matter? I know the law in Australia but was wondering how it differs from the rest of the world. Edit - forgot the question mark...
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