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Team Armor Build [NE]: ESB in Northern California


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Crossing the Finish Line

At this point, we have crossed the finished line.    Thank you to my wife and Bingo's wife for their continuous help and support on this project.  Thank you fellow garrison members Jay and Kris for taking the time to drop in and help.  Since this was a team build under complete secrecy from Bingo's family and friends, we are with holding his application photos until our GML approves his membership.


For now . . . here's one image from our photo session.   



Wish us luck!

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Looks like the Picasa shields are down!    :laugh1:    

Commence posting our updates!




We received the following from Amazon.


Bingo is going to use Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Ultra Inner Duty Belt.

This will hold up his thighs and strapping system.    You can easily make adjustments while trooping.

This is all velcro and heavy duty.






Microphone:  Pyle PMEM1 attached to an Aker amplifier box (not shown.... i'm giving him my old one).










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Tuesday, November 17th, 2015.


Please join me as we welcome Bingo...aka Omar TK-56072 to the 501st Legion!   








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Omar (Bingo) completed his first troop last Saturday (11/14/2015)

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California.





Me and Omar.


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Omar did extremely well on his first troop (seven hours including three hours of fan table duty).


Few things to work on before EIB:

1. Shorten down the back thighs and butt plate.  DONE 

2. Eliminate the flapping butt plate.  DONE

3. Blaster must be EIB and Centurion ready = no power cylinders and need M38 or m19 scope. SHOPPING STATUS.

4. Remove armor pinches at biceps and forarms.   DONE

5. Rework mic setup to stop feedback. DONE

6. Rework lower legs - hitting thighs.   DONE

7. Repair helmet - Dome came apart.    DONE.

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We're close to submitting Omar's EIB application.

We've reach out to our FISD makers for either a M19 or M38 replica scope.  No one has them available.

If anyone on the FISD has an extra one to let go, please let me know.   Thank you!


Here's a picture of a real one.



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Happy New Year Everyone!   :) 


We have a M38 scope coming through (Big thank you to Sabyre)!    

Omar (Bingo) and I are getting ready to finish off this EIB stage and apply.

We should have an update by the end of the month.   Stay tune!  =)

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Armor looks good. :duim:


I noticed that the left shin sniper plate sometimes likes to tuck under the front of your left thigh armor. You could add some padding to the bottom rear portion of the left thigh. That'll push the top of your actual thigh up against the front inside of your thigh armor, eliminating the space for that knee plate to tuck in there. 

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