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  1. I've used that UV protection for 3 years now. It seems to slow down the yellowing but I haven't had any luck with it stopping it altogether. The biggest challenge isn't reversing the yellowing using hydrogen peroxide, but it just seems that some ABS will continue to yellow and no matter what, seems to with or without being exposed to UV and/or heat. In my experience, the yellowing seems to occur even faster and darker after treatment. So like so many TKs before us, the only permanent solution is to paint or apply for a TD build or paint it black and apply for a shadow TK. Has anyone had any experience with clear coating the ABS after treatment as a preventative? I would hate to clear the armor, only to have it yellow under the coating. Yes, that photo is of how bad mine as gotten.
  2. Hi Diana, Yes, ABS colors vary quite a bit. Sometimes even within the same kit! My hand plates are stark white while the rest of the kit started egg shell and now UV weathered a shade of "misty tan" as I like to call it. But yes, I too agree if it's just the belt, chances are no one would notice the shade variance. Go for it and and continue to do what we do best - make our fans Happy to See Us!
  3. Welcome aboard Chris! I have a MTK kit that I built to ESB / Expert Infantry level. So it's really not a matter of can the MTK meet 501st requirements but more what your goals are. For basic, it should be straight forward. For higher levels just visit the respective pages to see what you need to do the get there. I recommend shoot higher, it isn't that much more effort and since you will be representing both the 501st and FISD as well as yourself - go for it! Here is my build thread from many moons ago but much of it still applies. TK24336 ESB Build https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26919-my-first-esb-tk-build-mtk
  4. Hi Michael, These throat mics are not pre-amplified, so no power requirements. On the technical side there are signal to noise and for some applications, matching the ohm resistance to get the best performance, but with simple applications like an amplified mini PA, I have not run into any problems with the throat mic working with the PA. The challenge had always been individual physiology on whether the mic would pick up the sound vibrations. This is not a problem for acoustic pick up mics, but then those pick up breathing and more susceptible to feedback. Keep these things in mind and unfortunately, I have no way to assure you a throat mic would work in your application. Maybe find one for your cell phone and give that a try to see it it would work with your body. Only suggestion I have is, if you have a beard, chances are a throat mic will not work as the mic is not making direct contact with your larynx. Hope it works out.
  5. Hey Hugh, Have you tired the throat mic yet? This vendor has made some design changes over the past few years. We are both in the GGG and I am wiling to let you try mine out before you place an order. I believe a few other GGG members are using the throat mic as well. Contact me via GGG forum PM or our FB group page. Thanks
  6. Looks like the vendor has changed their website around. Here's where I found their throat mics. It also appears they no longer offer the dual transponder one. http://www.ixradio.com/shop/computer-accessory/ Good luck with your search and hunt.
  7. Looks like the company changed their URL for their throat mic and amplifier packages. http://www.ixradio.com/shop/voice-amplifier/ Thanks for your interest.
  8. This video is a follow up to my previous one demonstrating the a walkie talkie throat mic can be made to work with a personal voice amplifier such as the Aker. From my searches on the internet, it has been next to impossible to find a microphone ONLY throat mic. There are literally hundreds of throat mics with an ear phone speaker like those used by military or security but then those will not plug directly into any personal amplifiers without using an adapter. I looked up ix-radio, the original manufacture of the walkie talkie throat mic in my previous video and found out that they offer a wide range of audio solutions. Including the only mic only throat mic. After acquiring a personal amplifier and throat mic set up from ix-radio. I did some field testing at about 6 troops in armor using the throat mic with different amplifiers. http://www.ixradio.com/shop/voice-amplifier/ Update (02_13_17): the DUAL transponder WITH the velcro strap is no longer on their website. I recommend emailing the vendor if that is the one you are looking for. In this video, I will be comparing a typical over the ear acoustic microphone (the one supplied with the Aker 1506) and the dual transponder throat mic from ix-radio. https://youtu.be/4uH_iZh9Vwg (sorry still can't figure out how to embed a you tube video - someone point me on how )
  9. I went with nomex gloves and elastic strapping on my ESB hand plates for basic and EIB approval. I was advised if I want to continue to use the same hand plates, I would only need to don a set of rubber gloves. IMO, I would go this route for two reasons: 1) fabric gloves give you more options for breathable fabrics, 2) you can use the same hand plates for your Basic, EIB, and Centurion approvals. Just need a set of rubber gloves to use for approval. Good luck and no problem asking for help, just make sure the question hasn't already been asked dozens of times or isn't readily available by doing a little research first. I have always said. I'm no one special, if I could find the information, anyone can!
  10. Thanks for sharing Walter. It was my ESB regarding the bicep straps but I don't believe it comes down to approval without them. It is more a matter of speculation since the ESB suits were mainly re-purposed ANH ones right? The common consensus is most of J hooks were damaged thus not used while filming ESB. The bicep straps were there on most of the ESB suits but since the J hooks are missing the bicep straps slid out of sight on many of the TK actors. Locitus' position was two fold - 1) having the bicep strap helps our armor look more fitted and 2) it is reasonable to believe that they were still on some of the suits. IMO, it would be correct either way but in the end it's how we appear to our fans right? And don't we want to look our best all the time while in the public eye? The movie set suits only had to look good for a few minutes on screen and could get away with some ill fitting armor parts, we are not as fortunate. I have been in armor for 8 hours straight for my longest troop. I for one am glad to have the bicep straps. Not having the J hook is fine with me. But if you look closely at this TK's left bicep, you can see the horizontal black line of the bicep strap. But since his arms are so long the bicep is hanging much lower than on most of us.
  11. Looking great. IMO the MK2 is cool but it is so close to ROTJ. Just go for ESB and we can troop like twins!
  12. Helmet replacement may be the best course of action. But it wouldn't be impossible to "correct" it with some heat and an appropriate shaped object to push it from behind the cheek bump. I have seen some pretty amazing reshaping of armor on this forum by some clever individuals.
  13. I would not recommend using a heat gun as there is the risk of deformation when pulling apart the armor while its heated. Freezing works and safer but many builders here have be successful with carefully pulling apart the seam or running a blade in between (be really careful with this one) the joint to cut the glue. E6000 IS really forgiving and after you have the seam apart, it takes some time to "rub" off the remainder of the glue, but it does come off.
  14. Keep up the great work! That is one BIG tote shipping box!
  15. Congrats Mike,<br><br> You got here without my help!
  16. Congrats trooper and with your commitment to the finish and learning along the way, you have succeeded. Welcome to the ranks and now bask in the glow of all your hard work!
  17. Question now that I have had the chance to see your initial fitting.<br><br> How wide are the return edges on the butt, kidney, and back seams where they line up? Those don't need to be as wide and may provide you with another 1/2" or so of room if they are brought down a little.<br><br> But the tape fitting looks close without shimming once the straps are in place.<br><br> Keep up the good work.
  18. Thank you for all your hard work Steve! I has been an honor to been EI approved by you!
  19. I'm impressed with the snap jig! Great idea to keep things in check. I also like the side slanted brow trim cuts. If I were to replace my brow trim, that's how I would do it too. Keep up the meticulous work! See you at the finish line soon!
  20. Hi Joe, Looking great. Once the shoulder bridge to shoulder bell straps are connected, the armor will fit slightly differently. The only recommendation I have at this point and looking at the pictures is that you could gain a little bit of comfort around the front of your neck if you lengthen the top chest/back strap slightly and tighten the front AB to Chest white straps slightly This should bring the chest down slightly so to give you neck a little more breathing room and your chest then shouldn't rise over the top of the AB when raising your arms or leaning backwards. Keep up the work and you'll be there soon!
  21. Incredible journey and team effort! Wish there was this resource when I built mine! <br><br> Yay! Another ESB for our garrison!
  22. Yes, the Tandy 24 would be fine. Those are similar to the ones from Joannes fabric. Does require drilling a hole.
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