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Team Armor Build [NE]: ESB in Northern California


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How many sets of armor did they use is ESB? What did those suits look like on day 1 of filming vs. 7 months later when it wrapped? Also most films aren't shot chronologically so what part of the movie that your doing screen grabs could have been filmed at any point during filming. Basically all of March 1979 they filmed in Norway, so no TK's there but April through September at Elstree unless you have copies of the dailies you won't know what's going on here. I understand wanting to be completely accurate but the production would have thought of the TK's as barely above a "featured extra" while filming and therefore there armor would have barely received any more attention other than "are all the pieces there?" And so while filming the first scene they may have been all sewn but by the time it wrapped I'm sure they were pretty tatty. At this point it's splitting hairs. I'm not trying to upset anyone but two pages of hand plate discussion seems a bit much. The point of the 501st is to strive to be accurate to the films, but more importantly it doing good in our communities. Only you will care if there are 3 1/2 out of 5 sewn and I can truly appreciate that. But that kids who sees you walk into the cancer ward or birthday party just sees the most amazing thing they have ever seen and it's not the stitches on your hand plates. Sorry for the rant as I see it your kit is amazing and I only hope that mine is 1/2 as good once it's done. Cheers!





Thank you Jim!    Please let us know when you're done.    We'd like to see your TK in action.   :salute:

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Congratulations Omar on your Expert Infantry Badge!

Completed on Monday, April 11th, 2016.




:happy and cheerful birthday:

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Centurion Approved on 04/16/2016

Centurion # 226






This concludes are team build for Bingo (Omar).  We will post new team builds later this summer.  

I'm taking some time off with the wife, but i'll drop by from time to time to answer your build questions.





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* * * ESB Tutorial Easter Eggs * * * 

Just a quick click area to find our helpful methods.   These ideas are not require by the legion or the detachment.   Its just our crazy style that we experimented, discovered, tested, re-tested, hacked, and shared with each other as a team build.    We're calling it the West Coast Style!     There was about five of us (including my wife) that enjoyed this journey with Omar and getting to know each other through a group goal. 




How to Make the West Coast Abs to Kidney Hinge (Split Rivet Installation inspired by Drumstrooper)




How to Make the West Coast Holder




How to Paint Your ESB Ear Bumps




How to Install the ESB Hand Plates – West Coast Style (Two Steps)





ESB Black Silk Gloves Installation




How to Make the West Coast Pill Box for Ammo Thigh (Three Steps)






How we Built the Thighs




How to Make Your Own Home Made Belt Sander




ESB Helmet Decals Hack -You Don’t Need to Buy Special Decals Anymore  (Two Steps)





ESB Helmet Blue Stripes Hack


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