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Team Armor Build [NE]: ESB in Northern California


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We are going to start the ammo pack on the outside thigh first.

This will serve as our holder so that we can get a clean install on the other side (inside thigh).





I'm using a wooden awl to start the rivet into the thigh.



Then I use a rivet punch to finish it in.



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When one side of the ammo pack is fasten, wrap the ammo pack around the thigh and install the other side (inside thigh).

This makes the installation easier.


Here are pics of the "almost finished look".




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The Inside Box to the Ammo Pack  

Here's the method and use of the inside box.



Notice there's a gap between the ammo pack and the thigh.



Heat it up and throw any monster clamp you have into the area.    The clamp will work into the soften area and push thigh armor towards the ammo pack (and inside box).





Let it cool down for ten minutes and drill a small pilot hole for a machine screw to hold the ammo pack.





Your ammo pack will not go anywhere.   I don't recommend using a rivet.    The two existing rivets will hold the pack together.


Okay... at this point I don't have anymore pictures from our past sessions.

We are about 85% done with Bingo's TK.    Hopefully, we can cross the finish line before Halloween night.

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That has the be the sturdiest ammo pack I seen so far. That sucka isn't going anywhere lol  :duim:


Thank you Tony!  I will call this the ammo pack " Pill Box " method!   :jc_doublethumbup:

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ESB Helmet Discussion.

  • Should I buy ESB decals?   
  • Can I use the ANH decals that came with the kit?
  • Should I color match and paint the details?


All great questions.


We did some reading (on the internet) and watched a few scenes from Empire Strikes Back.


We're going to use the ANH decals that came with the NE kit. 

Here are the findings.   Special thanks to our friends at http://www.starwarshelmets.com/




Note:  Please disregard the current black frown.  Bingo will be updating it.

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We also watched the YouTube video for this discovery.   Again, special thank you to StarWarsHelmets.com



I have an idea for the blue stripes for the cheeks.   We'll continue again later in the week.  

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Good question Tony!

We noticed that there wasn't many ESB builds going for EIB and Centurion. Bingo wanted to get his build to the high ranks.

This is our first time working on ESB and seemed like a common goal for Bingo and I. The ESB helmet is growing on me because of the black frown.
Maybe next year I'll build an ESB costume for me.

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I would really go with proper decals if I were to do an ESB helmet as the grey is different from ANH. It is a much more blueish/colder grey. You can PM FISD member Verne for them. He's selling a very good set of ESB decals.


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ESB Decal Hack    :laugh1:

Here's a hack worth checking out.   Re-purpose the "Sandtrooper" decals that came with the NE kit.   Use the black edges of the throw away portion of the decal.

Re-read the CRL and it says . . . 


  • Traps/tears and tube stripes shall be decals (with the correct ESB details), no hand-painting or decals that replicate hand painted.
  • Traps/tears may be either ANH grey or a slightly bluer shade of ANH grey.




 Mark the decal with a pencil to guide our stripe placements.









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ESB Blue Stripes Hack  :laugh1:  :laugh1: 

I had some large white tape from an old industrial label maker.

We carefully placed the blue stripes on top of the white tape and then installed it onto the helmet.

Looks legit to me.   You can also use a large white bumper sticker ( from the Dollar Store ).



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Here's the hack . . . 


Cut a piece of blue tape to a pencil's width and length.



Install it where the curve begins on the helmet.




White label tape or white bumper sticker



Place blue stripes onto the white tape.



Cut out your new ESB decal with an Exacto knife and place it onto the helmet (centering, double check for accuracy, etc...etc.. )


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1. Don't peel off the top wax paper yet!

2. Use your nail to rub the blue stripes onto the helmet (with the wax paper on top).

3. Then slowly peel back the wax paper.

4. Enjoy your new hack!








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Thanks Walter for the clarification, I'm at that point now where I'm trying to finish up the helmet and this really helps me clarify what is correct and what is incorrect just trying to shoot for the stars . thank you <br>

P.s . By the way your team build is looking awesome !

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