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Team Armor Build [NE]: ESB in Northern California


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Watching ;).

I didn't know it's still possible to purchase a NE armor, though it doesn't surprise me.


Hello again Germain!  Yes, another team build here in California.   Hope you're doing well my friend.

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Wow, steaming along very fast.

Excellent build so far. The only thing that sticks out to me, is I think you could have trimmed the part of the butt plate that extends between the legs shorter. Basically, removing all the ABS where you have set the two snaps and repositioning the two higher.

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Working on the Thighs


This is how we identify the thighs.



Identify the shortest portion of the thigh.   Measure from the bottom tip to the top.  This one is 11 inches and it will be the inner thigh.



This one is 13 inches and will be the outer thigh.


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This is how I mastered the thigh assembly so that we can walk smoothly and conquer stairs.  

I learned a lot from veteran TK's in our garrison and from Mr. Kevin Doyle (https://www.facebook.com/501MileWalk)


This is my own presentation and another way of cutting and assembling thighs.

This is very helpful for people with big thighs (like me).


First, you will need a friend to measure the distance from the top of your knee to the lliopsoas muscle. 

Once your have your measurement, mark it on your thigh armor (you can measure either the inner or outer.  It doesn't matter.


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Second, after you mark the top of your thigh armor, use a pencil to mark your cutting path to the inner or outer thigh.

Do not cut all the way around.   We want to save the sides to help cover your thighs.



Disclaimer:  The armor in this picture was already cut.   

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Here's an example of a finished inner thigh cut (sanded down after making the cut).  Notice I blended the cut into the inside return edge of the inner thigh.  This is what we want for now.


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Next, I want to cut the front thighs.  I'm marking the inside of the armor instead of the outside because I want to get a precise measurement.  NE has a clean line inside so I can get a 10mm edge after cutting it.


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This is the removal pic and sanding portion.  SAVE YOUR CUT OUT!  We will use it as an inside joint cover.






Note:  I'm sanding just the 10mm surface (front and back).  We want to ensure our ABS cement will have the strongest bond.

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If you don't have a belt sander, this is a great tip.

Lay your plumber's sanding tape onto your cutting mat and tape it down like this . . . 



This is going to help smooth out your straight edges.




Sand your armor = side to side.  Take your time and go slow then speed up your sanding when it feels smooth.


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