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Ukswrath's FOTK build thread


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Awesome kit Tony, I got mine a while back too! While on topic.. would anyone benefit from this 3d model?: IMG_3552_zps5znp61iz.jpg


Personally, I don't have access to sheets of plastic and found it easier to print in ABS.


or if I did a 3d model of the "metal" shoulder part? (Just a thought)

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Here you guys go! https://goo.gl/Vkmu46


It's just one, because you flip it to print the other side. (or just print two and flip it over) 100% infill takes about an hour and 40 minutes per part. the final should be about 3mm thick, and at the longest part is about 5 1/2 inches long


Also I did not try printing this is PLA, not sure how it would hold up.. 





The shoulder part sounds interesting. Would it be strong enough for that purpose?


I'm not sure, I mean it just needs to hold two snaps and stick out a bit for the shoulder bell, so I don't see why not...  I made a model of it but I need more white plastic to try it out.


I'm not completely against the metal, I just like to look at other options.

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I'm still trying to hack together a suspension system for my big sexy torso.

Wife is already telling me to use bungee cords!   :laugh1:


Dude that's jacked up.  :laugh1: Ask her if she can spare bra strapping  :jc_doublethumbup:

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Great thread, Tony! Is there a suspension kit left or are you all out? If it's available I'd be a buyer!

Thank you, no sorry I'm all out. If something changes I'll post it here.


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No problem...And thanks for all the build thread topics you've posted...It's definitely going to help a ton when my FOTK kit arrives this summer!


My pleasure, we're here to help. 

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Tony, I just wanted to say thank you again for this wonderful thread. It has been a life saver, since the actual "instructions" suck... I finished up my Strapping system and it looks great; I'm waiting to paint the armor before I attach it. It's a slow process, waiting for a nice days and doing my best to get it done.


With that said, here is that 3d model shoulder piece I made up from your instructions if anyone wants them here they are: https://goo.gl/k1g4WQ


it's a bit thicker and doesn't actually need the off shoot piece to be bent.








it's not perfect, all the holes are the same size but it works for me, thought I would share!

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