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  1. I've been off the boards for a month or two and I missed this!? OK, I'm interested depending on price. Did I miss it someplace?
  2. I talked the the guys from Stormtrooperundersuit.com before TFA came out and they told me that they were the manufacturer for the under-suits for TFA, and at the time they had 3 for 4 sets left that pinewood studios didn't need. They are as screen accurate as you can get for the FOTK. With that said, true screen accurate does not necessarily mean quality, but in this case it's pretty decent. I did end up buying one of the ones that Pinewood didn't want, and it is thick, the shiny "shorts" are stretchy they have a double chunky zipper and a Velcro closure for the neck section. I believe I got a large, I'm 5'10 about 180 and it fits be like a champ. The only thing I'm not sure will hold up is the shiny shorts, which also happens to be the only thing you can see when you are wearing the whole costume. I'm concerned with them wearing down, for chipping.
  3. Tony, I just wanted to say thank you again for this wonderful thread. It has been a life saver, since the actual "instructions" suck... I finished up my Strapping system and it looks great; I'm waiting to paint the armor before I attach it. It's a slow process, waiting for a nice days and doing my best to get it done. With that said, here is that 3d model shoulder piece I made up from your instructions if anyone wants them here they are: https://goo.gl/k1g4WQ it's a bit thicker and doesn't actually need the off shoot piece to be bent. it's not perfect, all the holes are the same size but it works for me, thought I would share!
  4. Here you guys go! https://goo.gl/Vkmu46 It's just one, because you flip it to print the other side. (or just print two and flip it over) 100% infill takes about an hour and 40 minutes per part. the final should be about 3mm thick, and at the longest part is about 5 1/2 inches long Also I did not try printing this is PLA, not sure how it would hold up.. I'm not sure, I mean it just needs to hold two snaps and stick out a bit for the shoulder bell, so I don't see why not... I made a model of it but I need more white plastic to try it out. I'm not completely against the metal, I just like to look at other options.
  5. Awesome kit Tony, I got mine a while back too! While on topic.. would anyone benefit from this 3d model?: Personally, I don't have access to sheets of plastic and found it easier to print in ABS. or if I did a 3d model of the "metal" shoulder part? (Just a thought)
  6. I'm just starting my Imperial Gaskets, this video helps a lot, but after they are assembled, how is every one connecting them to the armor? Same as the ANOVOS (with the straps and velcro)?
  7. ok, so quick question. I picked up some "1/4" x 2" Neoprene - center layer of Waist Belt & Shoulder Plate (suspension system)" i used the link that you had on the first page. I got the stuff in the mail, but its really heavy duty neoprene rubber rather than like a foam. i mean it matches the description and is exactly the same stuff that is linked there, but it doesn't have a sticky side... is this wrong or is the stuff correct you just did something differently?
  8. my fiberglass helmet isn't like that. but then again, its really heavy too...
  9. I would interested in the materials for the suspension system. I was looking at buying all the stuff on their own and its easly over a hundrend bucks and I would be in the same boat with enough materials to sell off. But if you have leftovers I'd be interested in some... Save me money and time.
  10. Hey, so I might be interested in a suspension system, if you still have it available?
  11. Excellent Build! I've already decided to not rush for the movie premiere and just follow some of your tutorials. Do it "right" you know?
  12. You can probably get away with not having the shiny one if you are in a pinch. The shiny part is actually like a spandex like material. Probably very similar to the Mara Jade jump suit material if you are familiar. I mean if you could make some undershorts or boxers with that shiny material and wear is over top the jump suit...?
  13. Forgive me I may have missed it, I swear I read through your build, FANTASTIC job btw... Two things really, where did you find that fabric for the chest piece? and where did you get everything painted? I'm looking for a place, but I'm absolutely terrible at painting. I'm not close to painting yet, I still have more trimming, all of the gluing, filling, and mods.
  14. Fantastic! I'll see if I can make some updates soon from the new images that are out.
  15. Well, at the time of making these files, I used the few promo shots of the TFA TK running for the top, I found a pretty high res version. and there are a few side shots including the one off of the force awakens visual dictionary cover. The basic design for the size was based off a tactical handgun cover, which turned out to be pretty correct. Accuracy though, I would say this is about a 6 or 7 out of 10. a bit more than half right.. It’s the right size and basic shape. They just released some new reference photos so I’ll have a few fix’s on it now. once I find some time!
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