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Sr props e 11


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CA glue works pretty good and really any epoxy based glue. Gorilla glue probably as well



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Thanks, I'll add pics now. So I've had this kit for some time, having looked at it now, as I'm cleaning it up, I notice it is actually quite deformed. I know I can heat it up and straighten it out but that won't stop it bending in the future. I remember this being a common co plaint about this kit but....... Anyone have any tips (apart from keep it in the fridge) <br><br>

When I bought this there was no 3d printing or anything and I'm out of tough with current kits (apart from hyper film etc.) I'll learn photo bucket, because I think it will be interesting to document this build but please chip in whenever you have anything to say at all.<br><br>

Thanks guys

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Ok so the more of this I see of this, the more upset I get. So the casting details are clean, put there is mold marks all over it and the deformity, man oh man some of these parts are bent.<br><br>

It's build able certainly but the question is, do I really want to spend the time on this when there are easier kits out there made of more forgiving material. I'm just really concerned that if I build it, it goes on a stand next to the f11 that's on the way, basically is it going to melt?<br><br>

I can see this going back on the shelf. Or in a for sale thread. Anyone have any opinions on these kits?

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