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  1. Ok so the more of this I see of this, the more upset I get. So the casting details are clean, put there is mold marks all over it and the deformity, man oh man some of these parts are bent.<br><br> It's build able certainly but the question is, do I really want to spend the time on this when there are easier kits out there made of more forgiving material. I'm just really concerned that if I build it, it goes on a stand next to the f11 that's on the way, basically is it going to melt?<br><br> I can see this going back on the shelf. Or in a for sale thread. Anyone have any opinions on these kits?
  2. Thanks, I'll add pics now. So I've had this kit for some time, having looked at it now, as I'm cleaning it up, I notice it is actually quite deformed. I know I can heat it up and straighten it out but that won't stop it bending in the future. I remember this being a common co plaint about this kit but....... Anyone have any tips (apart from keep it in the fridge) <br><br> When I bought this there was no 3d printing or anything and I'm out of tough with current kits (apart from hyper film etc.) I'll learn photo bucket, because I think it will be interesting to document this build but please chip in whenever you have anything to say at all.<br><br> Thanks guys
  3. Ohh how do I post pics again?
  4. I know this is an ancient thread but with an f11 coming that I want to display with this, I'm actually making a start <br> Gonna clean me some parts.
  5. I have to be honest, after posting the message above, my friend got an email at 6.30 this morning saying his goods had been despatched. I only recommended doopy doos because I've bought stuff from them in the past and the experience had been good. <br><br> Read it as you will from this and the other message.ive never had a problem before, nor have others but my friend did. I'm sure it was a slip up
  6. My friend bought the hasbro conversion kit from them a few weeks ago for his 7 yr old for Xmas (he has a few other things planned to go with it) and no delivery, no reply to emails and the number doesn't work anymore. He's annoyed because it's for his only child. Anyone had any success and if so how?
  7. Ok it's a bank holiday weekend next weekend, anyone tell me the best glue for sticking one of these together? This could be the start of a build thread.
  8. I have an unbuilt sr props kit, do I build it or keep it for posterity, your opinions please, bear in mind that Stephane stopped building kits 4 yrs ago due to his......changing views on life.
  9. Thanks guys, I think the idea is to try and close his access to people's work. I'll feed anything back to the mods here just in case
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, some guys are telling ebay that it's a forgery or something, but then the seller ends the listing and lists it again. Then it's reported again etc etc etc. the original artist has only just found out and I guess it takes a while for ebay to do anything if ever, he has plenty of previous screen names, cylon_trader is one that is 'known' also hollywoodpropmasters was another previous reincarnation, it's more trying to find out who he is so he can be banned from these types of forums to prevetn him ripping off other peoples work more than anything. I just thought maybe the stormie helmet might be known here.
  11. Hi guys, fellow prop maker over on the r.p.f needs some help. Animefan has spotted his ironman helmet being recast and sold on ebay. The same guy also offers a stormtrooper helmet so I wondered if anyone here could shed any light on the seller. The disturbing thing is that Animefan only sold his helmet on the rpf so that may mean a member there is involved in recasting. Of course it's entirely possible that the ebay seller bought it from someone on the rpf who has no knowledge of the intended use but I think that it's irrelevant what film we are all into, recasting is something that we are all in this community, anxious to prevent where possible. The ebay seller in question is atom_kinder, if anyone has anything that would help, I know it's appreciated. Thanks guys
  12. Im not a member at the rpf, could someone point out to simon that this is the home of stormtroopers (lol) I havent bought anything star wars for a while, reckon I could slide one past the missus. (mind you I have just bought a new car so maybe not)
  13. I work connected to the plastics industry, my supply prices are up 14% on most and 8% on others
  14. congrats to the lucky winner, ( I am so jealous)
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