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DoopyDoos DLT-19, Mk3


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perhaps try an aluminum conduit tube? and enter from the muzzle side? (inner barrel suggestion)

Good idea:-).. I was contemplating an electrical tube or a wooden stick to keep the weight down......

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Made some final weathering, drilled out the lower trigger so it is no longer attached to the trigger guard, painted the S and F lettering, sprayed matte varnish on everything except the butt stock and pistolgrip, and installed the inner barrel, I found a wooden stick with a matching diameter (16 mm).....

That is it I think...






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Thanks for the first hand look today. Really like it :D

A shame Doopy didnt include the rear sight and safety switch thoug, but you would probably just have made them working ;)


Now who was that Major who yelled "stram op" on my way out?? Did you influence him, or was it the other way around??

Any way, all I could do was yell "YES SIR!!" :P

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Welcome Mate!..


Yes a shame..maybe he can send me the missing pieces..but right you are..if I can get my hands on a kit, with the right parts..I would definately make as many as possible Work:-)


He is my boss, we go way back, and yes..he has taken a liking to my motto "STRAM OP"....:-)..you gave the only answer there is to be given:-)

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Really nice work Soren!

Can't you make a rear sight and saftey or buy it from the states?


Do you know if doopy makes a kit?

I might be able to make one or even use a rear sight from an mg 42, if they are similar...

Maybe buy it in the states

DoopyDoos do not offer a kit, just talked to Casey yesterday, and the recasting is crazy apparently, so he is not willing to sell kits, which is totally understandable....

Casey though has said he can send me a safety catch, the rear sight is another thing, apparently it is quite flimsy when made from resin, thus making it not too good for trooping....so waiting out for him to get back to me:-)

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Holy crap. Soren. I had boot envy... now I have DLT envy. That thing turned out gorgeous!



Thank you so much Eric:-) glad you like it....I am pretty happy about the result as well...no need for envy I will offer painting services ( but shipping might be a tad steep in price)... If you want:-)


The mg42 sight that I got turned out to be quite different than the mg34 sight, so I got in touch with Alfredo ( German Garrison), and he cast me a rear sight and a safetycatch, which will be in tha mail shortly....lets see how that pans out......

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