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  1. Ok...they look nice...I myself prefer black chelseas, painted white...a lot more mivie accurate in my opinion.... :-)
  2. Looks great, should be an easy pass also for Centurion.....:-)
  3. You wote that alreday...but what is the max you will pay ( I can look for you)..
  4. What size are you? (US) Johnny, and what is your price range?:-)
  5. The Loskes I have are true to size, as far as I can tell. Have not come across several types of 290, just different colours. As far as I know 290 is a last, other models would thus carry other names....,
  6. Hey guys Sorry for the absence, but soldiering these days. Takes up all my time. Will get back with answers to you ASAP
  7. Holy mackerel...that is by far the worst and ugliest looking armour I have seen in my life!!..
  8. Hey again. I can send the boots and an approvable undersuit, the price is around 70 dollars for the shipping, the boot and undersuit I will donate... :-)
  9. I will donate the boots, I just need to find out shipping costs to the States...I do not have the faintest about how much that is, but I doubt it will as much.
  10. I got a pair of super accurate handcrafted ones, in a size that will fit you, they are a small size 41 1/2 european ( an insole may be required). If you are interested I can check the shipping cost to the States, and if that is within your price range I will donate them to you. They are painted white and really realky look the part... Interested?
  11. It puzzles me constantly, that people want to buy the cheapest possible boots. The reason for my puzzlement is threefold. 1. Cheap boots are very rarely screen accurate in any way shape or form. 2. Cheap boots will not last very long. 3. You walk endlessly when you troop. Take for instance the largest troop in Denmark ( possibly Northern Europe) the yearly Legoland Star Wars Days, we walk more than 10 km ( 7 miles) every day, I guaran- effing-tee that cheap bots will cause you major pain, even in my Loakes ( which are considered the most accurate next after the original ones, as well as super high quality hand crafted boots), I had pretty sore feet ( I am a soldier and therefore not unacustomed to marching). Therefore, consider the boots to be an integralpart of the armour, which we want to be super duper accurate, and get the right ones the first time. You can see my thread for high quality screen accurate boots: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24742-trooper-boots-a-list-of-suitable-candidates/
  12. Really really interesting book, read it in less than a week:-)
  13. Hey Germain having gone over the two dlts and compared with a real mg34, I must agree with you. The number of details, like stamps Little knobs etc. is better in the Doopy Dooos, no doubt about that. I still really like the ASH, but whether I prefer one over the other I dont know. They are both axcellent and both have pros and cons.....
  14. I agree trooping with TKs like this, or even seeing someone doing it does not seem good.... But no need "thanking" Disney, it was made by a lot of the same blokes that brought us The Clone Wars.... Amongst others Mr. Filoni :-)
  15. I like most of it, but really dislike the helmet......but it is a certain drawing style.....
  16. As seen in a Toys R Us in Denmark....... Wondering if that armour will be built and subsequently OK'd by the 501st. ( as I remmember Locitus dreaded when we first saw the concept of those new Stormtroopers)..
  17. Did some weathering and further pimping of my new ASH DLT... Below are more pics, the lower one is the ASH:
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