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sitting down?

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Go slow. Try it in front of a mirror first so you can figure out how you need to bend your legs. I cracked my cod a bit sitting, so don't be too surprised if you need to do some repairs.

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I actually sat down for the first time at a troop last night. It was tricky & somebody had to help me up, but I did it! :D

I kept my legs spread out and was careful how I put my weight on my butt plate.

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@ Donovan, my butt plate is seperated from the kidney plate. when i sit down, I go slow, and turn my thigh pieces outward a bit so I dont get pinched right along the inside of my legs. I put my armor on just a little while ago and sat on my couch to see if I could better explain it. I just take my time, sit up straight and be careful. Stools are better to sit on but they are not always there. Please understand that I am by means not an expert at sitting. I look just as uncomfortable as the folks in the above picture provided by paul. I have never tried to sit on the ground. Only something as in a chair or one of those padded foot rests that are actually seats.

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Ok so the secret is the buttplate is seperate from the kidney?

Totally not

Jabob can sit down on the floor, and his kidney and butt aren't seperate

I think the key is having enough movement in your legs

I can sit cross-legged like a schoolkid in my kit

But I'm not really sure how

I just do it

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Awesome idea, Dustin!  It might be a bit difficult to fit one of those in my armor bin, though... :lol:

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