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HOW TO: Recess Press Studs


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While on the long wait for armor I decided to start making some fixings for the press studs


So started the same way as most, cut out the plastic, sand round the sharp edges, sand the back to help the glue hold, punch a hole in the centre for the stud.




Then I remembered the stud would stick out the back and not lay flat, so brainwave, bring out the old trusted heat gun and find a heat proof surface. Warm the back first just on the outside of the fixture, 5-10 seconds.




Flip it over and warm the front, only needs a couple of seconds, you can just see it starting to bend slightly.




Then while warm use a small piece of pipe and push down on the fixture until it cools slightly.




Then you will have this




And from the side, notice no stud and the plastic fixture is still flat for the glue to hold :smiley-sw013:



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Thanks everyone, just thought it may help others, forgot to mention you can also use this heating tip if you need to stick the fixtures to a curved surface. Thought it was about time I gave something back for all the helpful tips I have found here at FISD

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I used this one as well, great idea.


I used a socket from my tool box as the press and my wood workbench to soak the heat. It is the reason why I always wanted to use nylon for my snaps, more contact.


This this tutorial I quickly switched to ABS.

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Thanks guys it's nice to give something back to this awesome forum, glad it was of help :salute:

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