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Incinerator Trooper Helmet build (pic heavy)

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Hello there FISD. My squad leader is currently working on his ICN and he asked if I would build and paint his bucket, I have done quite a few TK helmets for squad mates, etc... so I was happy to help. I was looking forward to doing something different from the usual TK helmets I build and this was definitely a lot of fun. So much so that I think I will build another one now, just to have on my display shelf lol.


He sent me a lot of reference pictures but the main one I used for inspiration was this shot from the video game;




I looked around and some other builds and references but a lot seem to be very clean looking. The game images to me look like this one, very scarred, damaged and worn so that is what I went with. I personally really like the battle scarred and worn look.




Got the paints ready for the helmet, for the weathering and the masking fluid for the paint damage. First time I have used this masking fluid and it really is good stuff, easy to work with but a pain to rub back off lol. Got a blister for my trouble but it was worth it in the end.




Here the helmet is assembled and taped up, ready for the liquid masking fluid to be brushed on for the damaged paint;








After paint and with the tape and liquid mask all removed, here it is with the damaged paint and ready for weathering;








Here it is pretty much finished. Frown, ears and vocoder painted, vinyls applied and weathering added.















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Thanks for the comments. It's not 100% finished at this point, I still need to paint the ear screws as well as painting the inside of the bucket black and installing the foam but other than that, it's basically finished.

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Really great job on this Seann! Absolutely fantastic!!!


Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Took it to a con yesterday for one of our display helmets and got a lot of compliments on it, really going to have to build one for myself now and put it on the shelf. Swapped out the hovi mics for some more accurate ones and just need to spray the inside black and add the t-ball foam and she's ready to troop. Ryan will be adding to the ranks very soon.

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How did you apply the wet based masking? Did you just use a paint brush and dab in areas, and how did you get the rippled look along the edges of the tape?


Thanks :P,


Star Raider

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