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TKC thermal det

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the only confusion is that some of us who are going TKC followed this rendering initally.

quite a few tkc helmets have this type of eye line.


I'm going to follow your suggestion and use the angled line we've discussed before.


the TKC thermal det that is featured in this thread is awesome!

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Uh, Wookiepedia isn't an official source.

Nor is it a very good one.

Did you read that list before you copy/pasted it?


Apparently TKCs first appeared in ANH!


Mang! We must have not paid any attention at all!


Got screenshots?

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I feel very offended by that comment. I'm going to wait till I get home before I further comment and check over my post to make sure I can make any changes nesscerey.


Edit: I have changed my post above to better suit your comment. I hope that helps make things more clear. :unsure:


Edit 2: I know this is isn't a great back up, but I did find this... http://starwars.wiki...er_(Tantive_IV) Now how you interpret is up to you... It's not the same costume, just how Darth Vader talks. Introducing the first rank of a Stormtrooper...


Edit 3: I have adjusted my post, again.

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corey this costume is the TFU blue stormtoooper costume is what we're talking about here

NOT the commander spoken to in episode 4?

That's my point though.... I just don't understand Jimmy's sarcasm...


Edit: Fixed my post. I think we can conclude this debate!

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