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So i decided i will stick with TK and don't go TD. (My TM is just to beautiful to get dirty! :D)

And i am looking into possible upgrades for it. First on the list is sound equipment but i must say i am at a loss here...


I am looking for something that has all this:

1. changes my voice and also amplify the volume.

2. can play looped trooper chatter as well.

3. has static burst effects.


ideally there is a package that has mic, speaker and what else needed that i can't think of.

I know you know what i want to know! :P



/TK-4418 Varg

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Yep. The icomm is good for the static burst. There's an input on the aker amp where you can hook an mp3 player into and play a chatter loop. I've seen and heard this setup in action during troops, which I troop with TK6294 often, and it works well. You can look at his ongoing sales threads for detailed info.

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Here's my setup:




Left to right:

Aker MR1506 speaker/amp w mic

ICOMM static burst system

IPod Classic (plays a loop of TK chatter)


Far right under the shoulder bridge is my earpiece that connects to an FRS radio, mounted in the IIO backplate detail.


RomFX works well also and depending on the version you get (Raw, Classic, or Pro) you can use it instead of the Aker boxes (speaker/amp and static burst card), but regardless you'll still need an outside source to play your sound loops.


I personally can't say enough good things about the Aker system. It meets all my requirements (which coincidentally were about the same as yours), is readily available, and at a great price. :D

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romfx seems just a tad too expensive for my taste.


and it's a great idea to attach the parts to your harness


instead of the armor. I put it on my suspender straps right under my


chestplate. this way the weight of the electronics is carried


by my body, and not the armor.


I simply duct taped the Icomm to the bottom of the aker

and the hook and waistband on the amp attaches it to the suspenders.

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I bought the iComm system with the Aker amp. It's really easy - plug and play, nothing to set. Adds some static to the background when you talk and has about 8 different static bursts when your done talking. It has push to talk OR voice activated (I can't decide which I like better) and is small and light. The ROM/FX is a great card too, so whichever you choose will be a good choice. No one device will do everything that you are asking though, you still need an amplifier like the Aker as far as I know.

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Yes, there are sellers here who build hovis with speakers embedded in them. However, the smaller speaker also means lower sound volume and quality. An important distinction when in noisy and/or crowded environments (for instance, cons).


Plus, I've found that from normal speaking distance (3 - 6 feet), you can't tell if the sound is coming from the helmet or the chestplate. ;)

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I agree with tkrestonva. Hovi speakers work great in quiet environments but can be tough to be heard in crowded environments. They are limited by both the size and watts of the mini-speakers. They are also limited by feedback from being close to the microphone.


The iComm must be connected to a powered amplifier in order to get it's main power. It is possible to take part the Aker amp and mount the parts inside your helmet. Then you could disconnect the Aker speaker and wire up the aerator speakers to the Aker circuit board. I have not done this myself but I think there is 1-2 people who have tried it. I do not know how it turned out.


The nice thing about the AKER iComm system is that it is all plug and play and comes with all the cords you need. The helmet systems and other cards need some mod work before you can use them. Examples are a protective box, sealed battery box, and wiring to aerator speakers if needed.

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I heard that romfx is better at distorting the voice is that true?


That is true. The RomFX has an adjustment to the voice distortion that can go from minimal to extreme. When I had my RomFx i tried the different settings once to see what happened then returned to a near minimal setting. Then i never adjusted it again. The hyperdyne can do the same thing with the voice distortion.


We added a minimal amount of voice distortion to the iComm to give a slight canned broadcast sound. We did not build in the ability to change the voice distortion in the iComm. They helped keep cost down and we thought the adjustment would not be used by enough troopers to justify the cost to add it.



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