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  1. And i went TD after all. But SOON i will get the icomm.
  2. The temperature usually won't go below - 7 degrees C outside, so i am guessing the same inside more or less.
  3. Good idea! Ok this is my main issue thou: does armour take damage from beeing stored in a cold attic? The helmet i will have in a shelf in our living room but the rest of the armour could fit in a wardrobe in the attic, would it, as far as weather and temperature goes, be safe to store like that?
  4. Ok, so we are pretty much out of space in our apartment. This means that i need to find a good way to make my TD-suit use up as little space as possible. I need suggestions! There is room in the attic but i have a concern that i need to ask all of you: Will the ABS take cold well? Will it crack or is it safe to store it in a wardrobe out in the attic? Cheers Varg
  5. Pardon my impatience, but... Any updates? :>
  6. So much win in this thread. Badass armour is badass. The bucket will be ATA as well huh? :>
  7. This is extremly well done... You have epic weathering skills mate! More pics!
  8. How much did you pay for that ATA kit? If not here could you PM? This death trooper thing seems like it could be my first own attempt on assembly. Also more on topic: epic thread is epic! I want pics
  9. LOOL epic mate love it. I have been asked to appear in two music videos myself
  10. Agree with Mathias, you should go for a doopydoo or anything but hasbro really. Can't see how it would be easier to convert a doopydoo even.
  11. This was the most interesting i have read this week. THANK YOU. do you have more pics of your armour? And where can i find pictures o. All these custom characters you based your suit on? Is there more cool variations? Edit: i used google and even if head man is cool with hes round shield and medieval sword () you chose the coolest character to depict. The blue TS looks great.
  12. Ok, kashyyyk helmet, will it be available for sale? Also what about legacy armour? Is some one planning on making it?
  13. 1.) Is there any update to the Legacy armour? I became very interested in this type of armour when the threads started, now the armour have a it's own section on the board, but i have heard nothing more on the subject. Is it dead? is anyone working their behind off to get one done? 2.) If i was to build one of the Legacy TK's how would i go about doing so? 3.) I saw the awesome Kashyyyk helmet, will this be refined and up for sale? What would i need in terms of armour otherwise? Could i use my ANH-armour and just switch helmets?
  14. Amen to that brother!
  15. The SDS E11 was somewhat a disapointment. Mostly due to the fact that it seemd sloppy assemlbed. And my bayonett mount came broken off when i got it from SDS. I used E6000 and it was fine. I put a D-ring and a cocking lever on it as well and it looks nice actually. But it is a bit on the expensive side. I was going to buy a doopydoo but never got an answer so i orderd from Ainsworth. I would go for a doopy or a SDS actually. But if i could chose freely i would get a real sterling and convert it all metal parts
  16. By the way, the ears looks totally ok by me. Im not sure if i asked this before, are you going for centurion?
  17. Yes due to me not fastening the screw before trooping. And even so there is gaffer tape.
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