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  1. It's because the internet gives people an anonomous way to lash out at those that offend them, and a lot of them are easily offended. In fact, they just wait to be offended, and Christmas is a great excuse for them to act out. Perhaps their family didn't care much for them as a child, and they are angry. I am a Christian, and celebrate Christmas - it's not offensive if I tell someone Merry Christmas, it's a joyous time for Christians. So, don't allow them to offend you - by being offended, you have given them power, so cheer up -- It's Christmas after all! Merry Christmas
  2. I bought the iComm system with the Aker amp. It's really easy - plug and play, nothing to set. Adds some static to the background when you talk and has about 8 different static bursts when your done talking. It has push to talk OR voice activated (I can't decide which I like better) and is small and light. The ROM/FX is a great card too, so whichever you choose will be a good choice. No one device will do everything that you are asking though, you still need an amplifier like the Aker as far as I know.
  3. Good advice. Building your armor will yield no instant gratification. You may get to the point you are tired of working on it even, and want to give up. Trust me when I say all the effort and hard work are worth it in the end. For a quick fix on scissors, try using those kitchen scissors used to cut meat with- I ended up using those, they were pretty heavy duty. Trim stuff as close as possible to the photos and sand the rest. Here's a tip- take something round (like a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll filled with something to make it hard) and wrap the sandpaper around that. Using a ro
  4. You can just snip off the loops without doing what I did, I'm just a cheap bastard and wanted to get every inch I could out of it! On the longer brackets, I just did it by eyeball, but about 1 to 1 1/8 inches tall I'd say.
  5. As I just (almost) finished a VT build, I can feel your pain Frosty. You have 2 of the most helpful guys posting right now- both did wonders for me! As RogueTrooper said, start with the forearm and bicep parts. Trim the shoulder bell too, it was easy. Follow the tutorials these guys posted and you will be on your way in no time! Expect to spend a month doing this, and that is working on it a little every day. Once you get going though, it's hard to stop, so be ready! FYI, I trimmed out the parts for the 02 Canister first, as they are hard to mess up and give you a feel for working with
  6. I'm just trying to give back, and happy to have something to help other troopers. Without this forum I would have been struggling to even trim my armor! As to questions: My elastic bands are sewn into a loop. I made the strip of elastic about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long and then sewed the ends together. Then, I just flipped it inside out. I then slipped it over the bracket and bolted the bracket on. So you want your elastic to be a sewn loop like this: For placement, I studied photos of others posted here on the forum and mimic ed them. This was the most helpful photo from Troope
  7. Ok, this is how I made my own brackets. I must say I got my inspiration from the ones "Stukatrooper" sells. I just didn't have the time to wait for them as I was ready NOW. First, I went to WalMart and bought the 3 pack of wire whisks. I used 1 to make my kit, my wife took one from me, and I have 1 left over for the next set of armor. In the first pic, you can see the packaged whisk, then how I pulled the collar up so I could snip off the longest section of wire possible, and lastly the cut wire (I've made one bracket from this piece already). To make these, I used a pair of
  8. I can do that. I'll do a photo shoot of making a bracket, it's easy.
  9. Worked on finishing up my armor this weekend. There is a lot of small things to do to complete it and get everything comfortable. I plan to wear it next weekend, I'll post some pics. Still don't have my hand plates, probably will use the flexible ones but I'm about tapped out spending money on this project. I need a blaster too, and figure I'll do a pipe build or buy one built. No pics for this post, didn't have anybody to take them!
  10. FYI, I've used almost 2 yards of 2" black elastic and 2 yards of 3/4" black elastic (with the mistakes, etc). That was the one thing I never could find in the threads, so hope that helps on your trip. I used more 2" than some probably because I used it to make a belt and garters to hold up my thigh parts. It's very comfortable, I got the idea from this thread (except I bought a 2" buckle set for it: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=293
  11. Frosty, I considered straps and snap plates as they would probably be easier to do than these brackets. But once I got it all together and did a test fit, I'm happy I chose this method. Something about how the chest plate fits to the ab plate, it just looks and feels right. I'm hoping for a final test fit by next weekend, I've pretty much wore myself out doing what I did this weekend. I've been at it 20 days now, working almost every day at least a little, and some days more than others. The next set I do will be much easier I bet, as there was a lot of learning involved, and time wasted tryin
  12. Working on strapping and brackets this weekend. I looked and looked for Piano wire locally, and it just doesn't exist (unless you buy Piano strings, which are expensive). Well, I found an alternative for spooled piano wire that is cheap and easy to get- a wire whisk. They are made from Piano wire and available at any WalMart! Pics of my brackets attached with elastic:
  13. Man, that is it, but mine will be white. Thanks Roguetrooper, great help- AGAIN.
  14. Thanks, I'll adjust that stuff this weekend. Question- the shoulder bell has a strap that runs around the arm. I see a few shots of bicep parts with a hook added, but some look like they don't have a hook. Do all have a hook and I just don't see it? And hey, I LIKE GAFFERS TAPE. I plan on making a suit from it next.
  15. Ok, I did the first full test fitting last night. I don't have all the strapping done yet, just wanted an idea of how cool it was going to look. I was right, it's totally cool. I need to lower the bicep strap, add the strap for the forearm part. I don't see how I would ever get a glove/handplate combo through the left wrist opening. I wish my forearm armor parts were the same on both sides even though these are based on original parts. I really hate using rubber gloves, they are cheap looking. I know, screen accurate- my wife even said rubber gloves? I'm going to search for
  16. I was overwhelmed when I started. As Pandatrooper says, just work on one part at a time. I've spent countless dollars on straps, snaps, tools, blades, scissors, etc. The kit I bought came with everything you need to assemble the armor, including pre cut cover strips. Find a JoAnn's Fabric store by your house and be ready to make a few trips to get it wearable. Arms are easy- cut your trimming teeth on the 02 cannister. I trimmed out the cannister parts for the very first part I touched- pretty hard to screw that one up. I then did the helmet, which people say you shouldn't do first, but it
  17. Thanks Pandatrooper, I'll see if I can't get the shins to drop down and adjust the thighs. Without your tutorials, I couldn't have done this! Frosty, all I can say is follow Pandatroopers tutorials on arms and thighs, it will save a lot of trouble. This kit is very labor intensive, and requires a ton of trimming and fitting. I have friends that want to do this too, waiting for me to finish-- I'm going to suggest they buy a set from one of the forum sources. This is a very nice kit, it's just my fingers are pretty beat up from all the trimming and fitting. I ended up using a pair of kitchen
  18. Here are some shots, front and back. I have the backs of the shins taped together because I haven't done any of the attaching/strapping yet, and am holding the thighs up. I guess it's time to build the strapping for them. I think I need to trim up the return edge at the top to give myself a little more space to move in. One more gratuitous shot for my buddies watching this thread, with the chest armor sitting on there, and the helmet.
  19. I have the thighs glued together and sized (somewhat). I haven't put the cover strips on because I want to make sure everything is good before i go forward. Question is on sizing the thigh parts. I went ahead and made them more fitted like the photos of the original troopers. When I have the upper thigh parts on, it's nearly impossible to bend down far enough to put on the shin parts. Is this normal? Seems like I need to shorten the thigh parts, but what it is the top of the front part jams up against my upper thigh and the back part only allows my leg to bend half way. Is there a trick to
  20. I'm wearing it. My wife is laughing her a#$ off at me, but she will give in once she see's the complete project. I'll get farther along and take some photos of the thigh/shin fitting. After trying on the cod/ab section with the thigh/shins, I see why I never see a Stormtrooper sitting down.
  21. I have my arms complete (save for the strapping, which I am doing last). I have the greaves done (shins) and they were pretty straight forward (thanks to the links RougeTroooper posted I matched them to actual photos). I'm doing the thigh parts right now and have a question on sizing. In Pandatroopers tutorial he says to leave 3 fingers of room on the bottom, but the screen shots seem to show very fitted thighs. I have trimmed these large at this point, and glued the front seam. (I cheated a little and did an overlap seam on the front, but not all the way. I did the same on the shin parts
  22. Almost have both arm done (forearm, bicep, shoulder bell). This kit is "screen accurate" and is different than the fan made kits in that the parts are not symetrical. The forearms are really different from each other- the left side is quite small compared to the right. So small that I had to leave a larger ridge on each side towards the rear of the forearm to get the thing to fit me, and I don't have fat arms. I put a photo of the seam- I can't see any other way of making this look screen accurate, i.e. without showing the ridge on either side of the outside strip? Wrist opening mods:
  23. Thanks again! I'll get to trimming. I've searched this site and still haven't seen all those photos, thanks for putting them in the build thread for me. I'll post a finished photo when I'm done with the right arm (before I add the strapping).
  24. Started working on the arm assembly. I'm doing one side at a time to get a better feel for how it goes together. There is a learning curve to trimming this stuff even using the tutorials. I've noticed that it's a combination of all the methods to get it right- I'm using Pandatroopers tutorial which is great. I'm not 100% sure how much of a return edge these parts should have, so I made it a little larger and sanded them down. I've put some photos of my progress- if anything looks out of place let me know. I'm not 100% sure how much to trim the shoulder bell either, so I made it as large as pos
  25. Thanks Tom. Your guidance is greatly appreciated! Using your advice, here is the finished product. Still need to paint the screws, but everything else is done. I brought the lip down to match the set for stun original helmet (my pattern), and I trimmed the bottom up so the gap is gone as you suggested (didn't need to trim as much after repositioning the ears). Next is the armor, starting with the forearms as suggested by Pandatrooper.
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