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Blaster counter required for ANH stunt, why?

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I looked at over 25 different photos from A New Hope and i don't see any counters on the blasters.

I'm wondering why is it required for EIB ?





Ahhh, this question brings back memories. B)

#sits back with tub of popcorn#

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I have to admit I don't understand how some of the "must haves" made it to the list regarding blasters, but it's a very tricky area. Some ANH blasters had counters, others didn't ...

Because of the sheer inconsistency of the original film props, I have to say it must have been really hard work compiling the requirements for EIB. An unenviable task that I'm glad I didn't have myself!

And at the end of the day, I suppose there has to be some kind of consensus or standardised version for ANH (to set it apart from ESB) so that we have some form of guidelines.

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Er, coz the powers that be said so!


Remember these requirements are not for forum membership or even 501st, they are set as a slightly higher but very easily achieved standard for those interested in helping the 501st push the bar in costume accuracy :)

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The goal of 501st standards for *any* costume - not just the stormtrooper - and thus the direction EIB takes - is *not* to replicate every possible variation seen on screen. As noted there were a lot of corners cut and they just didn't care about these things at the time. They were only to be seen for a few seconds on some people. Else wouldn't every trooper look exactly the same? Not every sandtrooper had a pack either, not because there was logic to it but because they took them off for people who would take a tumble a few seconds later, or they just ran out of them so the guys in the background didn't need them as the audience would get idea.


So the goal is to present what is canonically referenced and meant to be a common representation. For EIB we did the same thing - try to get the common and distinctive elements that were there.


If you read through the intent of the EIB program and how MEPD started as well, the intent is not for 100% screen accuracy. The intent is to help raise the quality bar for 501st costuming in the direction of accuracy in a way that is readily achievable with a little time and effort.


Remember that the 501st standards are *really* low for most non-EU costumes as they are about 10 years old now, and efforts to increase them always - as Padme would say - get stalled endlessly in committee.

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Hey there,

I fought it when I came over here a couple of weeks ago that and the holster, but now thinking about it, I really want EIB status so I've put power cylinders on my blasters and my Counters are on their way, plus it's fun to add stuff!! The holster I can make to come off so no big deal !! That screen grab above says it all that was a hero shot in the film so they put the cool blasters in those troopers hands, those guys must be EIB!!

Anyway give it week or so to kick in you'll be dressing out your blaster soon enough! And after my WTB post last night I'll have an extra resin counter I'll give you, there your on your way!!


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Again, I'd suggest re-reading http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=20 and http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=8583 first posts on each.


It's both a way to help lead the 501st to a higher quality costume level and a recognition program that builds esprit de corp.


It is *not* the trooping police. Just like you can be a MEPD Police Officer and choose to troop without your pack most of the time, you can always choose to troop with a blaster sans counter if you so choose. Heck, why not have two blasters? We have stunt and hero helmets, so it makes sense.

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I just make everything easy by making my hengstler removable.


one way ESB, the other ANH. simple logical, perfect.


(( that still does not mean that I'm not going to make an ESB blaster ))


next up, ROTJ blaster and real folding stock.


personally I don't like the hasbro toy at all.


it's not even funny to think that those are plastic toys.

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