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  1. I think Tigresa means these: http://corsairs-kids.com/index.php?id_product=207&controller=product&id_lang=9
  2. This thread is AWESOME! Congrats to you and your mates for this wonderful build. A needed reference for future TFA troopers.
  3. We haven't even laid our hand on these babies and we already have Tiers? <In C3PO voice>This in madness!
  4. Congrats Eric, and all staff! It's been a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the FISD staff. And sad not to have more time to keep contributing. But the Detachment is in good hands! Thanks guys.
  5. Hey, Ash! Are you going to show your other project or is it a secret?
  6. Internet Explorer is the mother of all kinds of problems... Remember that Win XP is deprecated, and IE 6-7 are not longer being taken into account in web development nowadays. IE 8-9 are also problematic, so if you can upgrade to IE 10 or 11, you will experience a better browsing experience: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-xl/internet-explorer/download-ie If you can't upgrade to IE10 (because your Win version doesn't allow it), then consider switching to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox: https://www.google.com/chrome/ https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ If for some reason you can't upgrade or install those (some corporative environment do not allow users to install software), you can always use a portable version of Chrome or Firefox: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/google_chrome_portable http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable Cheers.
  7. First of all: congrats on such an awesome job! It is an honor to have TKs like you on the 501st. Good job trooper! Second: this thread is incredible, a great reference and I hope other people learn from it. Third: we have a future member in the Spanish Garrison, Almudena, who got an RS and was having similar problems, I directed her here, to see what you did with your armor. Thanks! Very proud of you and your job to wear this armor as it should be worn.
  8. Hola Pitingas! Welcome to the Detachment! Nice to see more fellow SG troopers here. Anything you need, just let us know.
  9. Ha, ha, ha! ¡Que campeón! Ash, could it be possible to upload the original 3D files to Thingiverse or a similar place? I think it would greatly help other people in the Legion. Awesome work mate, as usual.
  10. All three are great phones. Which one you choose would be a matter of personal preference, really. I'm an iPhone user, but both Android and Windows phones nowadays are great phones. It depends on so many things that it's impossible to say anything that may help you. What's more important to you? Camera? Apps? Battery? Price? Features? Post-sale service? Build quality? Depending on the answers to these, you may choose one or another.
  11. Hola Ash! Nice to see you around. Ash is a really skillful guy, as you all could see... Nice he decided to join ranks with the whites.
  12. So, on September 20th we had the 6th edition of our BIG event in Spain, Spanish Garrison's Training Day VI. Training Day I: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/8216-spanish-garrison-12-s-training-day/ Training Day IV: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/21364-training-day-iv-spanish-garrison/ These are the numbers for this year: Members with suit: 95 Friends/Prospects with borrowed suit: 10 Internal support members: 110 Galactic Academy: 41 children Walk length: around 3km (1.86 miles) Spectators: around 150,000 by official estimates (we believe it was around 200,000 tough) Official poster Promotion Official site: http://www.trainingday501sg.com/index.php?lang=eng This year we were helping FEAPS, Federation of Organizations for people with intellectual disabilities in Madrid (http://www.feapsmadrid.org). We set up 4 photocalls for people to take pictures and donate to them. A few pictures:
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