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  1. Good on you bro! I can't wait to see your finished armor! Best wishes and good luck! Aloha, T
  2. Paul, When you have a couple of minutes, can you contact me off-line? Thanks.
  3. Greetings gang. It's been awhile since I've posted, or for that matter stopped long enough to see what was up . Lots of life happened with job and family. The Missus had surgery in the beginning of September so she kept me pretty busy as well as the day to day grind of the Honolulu Police Department. I'll be in the Southern California area (can't tell you why) for a couple of evenings so if anyone is interested in getting together for a beer please let me know. Tuesday & Wednesday, 10-19/20-10. Aloha, Tony "Guns" TK/TD-2581 Pacific Outpost, Hawaii
  4. HPDblues

    MEPD Down

    You're correct AJ, The MEPD is up and running again! "Thank the maker..." A big mahalo to V'pier (Greg) for working his magic. Okay sandies, carry on! T MEPD XO
  5. HPDblues

    MEPD Down

    Just a heads-up to our fellow sandtroopers who frequent this site that The MEPD is currently down... and hopefully not out for the count... T MEPD XO
  6. Best wishes to my brothers & sisters in uniform past & present, AND a heart-felt prayer to all the families whose loved ones paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom that we may enjoy it today. Aloha to all... T MSgt, USAF (Ret) "Jet blast, the sound of freedom."
  7. Wow! I didn't realize how many fat troopers there were here... J/K! Seriously, I've lost approximately 16 pounds since the beginning of the year by completely eliminating soda! (And I LOVE my soda pop... ) Plus of course, a four mile run/walk three times a week and lifting weights two times a week. I'm trying to get down to my fighting weight of 159 pounds...I've got about 3 pounds to go. Hang in there Nate! It's doable! T
  8. Mike's decals are great! I highly recommend them for TE2 buckets... But 12-14 days?????? Sheesh. That's a little excessive isn't it? I'd say a two day turnaround would be fair...don't you think? T ePS: Just kidding Mike! heehee...your stuff is worth the wait.
  9. Hi Johnny, I don't think that deleting this thread is necessary at this point in time. The essence of this post was about a fellow trooper who is excited about finally getting his armor and merely wanted to share this with us on the FISD. Regardless of the its origins, lets be happy for DF and his new ROTJ Armor. Aloha, T
  10. I'm outta here! This hobby is no longer any fun. I'm giving up all the TE molds, including the SFS helmet molds - HDPE and fiberglas, my entire helmet collection, AND all my Sci-fire blasters... I've already got my Star Trek phaser & communicator...live long & prosper. T
  11. Geesh, What type of sad individual would steal a trooper's armor. I'm so sorry to hear this. If you're interested in some HIPS stuff, please let me know. T
  12. So...jealous...grrrrr...JEALOUS!! I hate being stranded in paradise. Gawd, everyone looked so good! T
  13. Haha! Thanks bro. I've sent you a PM. T
  14. Oh my goodness! I'm no expert but it looks like FX "knock-offs" to me. Save your $$ and invest in a recognized vendor. Ask your questions here, the troopers here enjoy helping out. See you around the campus. T
  15. Morning Allen, "CAVEAT EMPTOR" is a very good rule of thumb for our hobby. However, in this case, this particular vendor is one of us (501st Legion) and has been offering FX Armor for a good while now. FX Armor is a great set of armor for a beginner. I started my Star Wars journey in FX Armor. Good luck! T
  16. Lou, The square cut inner piece with its mate is for the right bicep. The smaller pieces are for the left bicep. The same for the forearm pieces...larger right, smaller left. I'll send you photos of the calf pieces...makes more sense looking at a photo.... T
  17. Hmmm, Interesting, very interesting indeed... T
  18. Hi Paul, To clear up any confusion, the "alternative" faceplate that Tom and a few others have is the precursor to the SFS. These faceplate pulls are from the resin mold that was created several years after TE's original ANH and included in the TE/TE2 deal of 2006. Aside from the "frown" there really isn't that much difference between the two. With the exception that this SFS precursor does not share any direct link to the screen-used parents. Actually, "THE" SFS molds that TE offered helmet kits from are still sitting on a shelf in The Man Cave waiting for a buyer. T-------
  19. You are absolutely correcto mundo! I listen in on Friday nites from 6-9 PM to "The Underground Sound Show" hosted by G-Spot. Love that House music. T
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