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    I love my family and spending time with my wife and kids. I'm also a prop collecetor (got anything interesting to sell?) I'm proud to be a member of the 501st, it's amazing to see the smiles when a TK walks into the room.


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  1. Not that it makes a lot of difference, but I beleive the poll should have closed after tomorrow. It was opened on 1/27 and was to be open for 2 weeks. 2/3 was 1 week, 2/7 is the end of 2 weeks.
  2. My 2 cents. Plastic looks much better, and frankly this is about looks. The majority of the EIB requirements are about looks, so this was a natural evolution. Sure there are other materials that are white that can cover the gap, but in my oppinion the intent was to make it look like the armor and improve the overall look of the armor. That said - I vote for plastic and all EIB be required to update. I voted for 12 month to allow more than enough time to complete the upgrade.
  3. I too use the garters (although, I like the ones you posted Terry... I might have to upgrade....) The downfall... it seems to make my hose run more... and I can never get that line on the back of my leg to line up just right...
  4. I get some of the worst "armor kisses", as Paul would say.... Cat like, we are not. Pretty darn cool looking.. we are.
  5. I agree. I've done the Halloween thing for a few years, and always had a great time. That down time, toward the end of the night is… well ….cold and you feel a bit silly. It sure isn't like a troop. This year I decided just to sit outside, enjoy my kids, pass out candy, and enjoy looking at everyone else. It was fun. I had a couple people ask "where is the stormtrooper" costume? I told my wife... "see.. they DO care... Next year, perhaps I'll bust out the Sandy....
  6. pretty funny... who are these masked men???
  7. no, it's more of a mod. I'll take some pics and when I get a little further, I'll create a thread in the mod area. I don't know if it will turn out or what. It's not been "easy", but I think it will be cool.
  8. I'm 6'3" and use the FX thighs. I want to try the RT thighs. From some pics, it looks like they may actually be a bit bigger. I've also got a little project that I'm SLOWLY working on. I am extending a spare set of thighs. If it works out, I'd be happy to do it again for someone else. It would remove the need for any shim, make them longer for less black, and perhaps even a little more better shape than the standard FX thigh. I don’t know… It does require a paint job, so either you would have to paint your armor to match or live with possible multiple shades of white.
  9. after putting them in the freezer and/or using a chisel, I find the easiest next step is to send a note to tuperwaretk..... get 2 new parts and not make the same mistake
  10. Paul - this is an amazing trooper break through. I can't wait to see more. Well done man. Well done.
  11. Don't worry about the chipping... it will chip. Just be careful, it chips easy!!! HDPE by nature doesn't hold paint well.
  12. The problems I've had with CA is that over time it seems that the stress of the joint will break the glue loose. I've not had good luck with a metal to plastic bond using CA. It can hold, but the strength is not great, and I've had the metal parts pull away in time. Now a snap that is attached to the actual plastic and a CA bond to plastic on plastic.. it's like a ROCK. When attaching a snap through plastic, be sure you have a "rod" long enough to clear the plastic. This will be sure that the snap connection is good as well, so you don't have a case of popping the female or male connector off the back on the snap. Remember that Plastic on plastic bond for CA is like a ROCK... it's not a fun fix.
  13. Thanks Terrell. I didn't realize that. Looking at reference photos, I just assumed that it was in the standards.
  14. Be sure that you add rivets for the holster. They don't have snaps on them. The holster is actually riveted to the belt where the straps are on the inside of the belt. For elite status, you need to have the holster riveted to the inside of the belt with 4 rivets (2 on each side) and use the brown strips of leather for the straps.
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