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  1. Hey I like that silver color scheme too! I just kinda screams 'Star Wars' to me. The final revisions shown with the center blue stripe whether silver or maroon are all really nice though.
  2. And don't forget that you can have the ugliest mug in town, but still look good in a picture (helmet on of course!)
  3. It strongly resembles a National Defense Service Medal...
  4. Welcome Ryan! This place is addictive, so be careful!!
  5. Also, don't even consider buying anything until you've been through this forum from top to bottom! Once you've really dug through and done your homework you won't have to ask questions about what type of armor is good or bad. You'll just need a lead on where to buy... You should be dreaming about this website. Get to work cadet! You've got lots of work to do!
  6. Yep, barely fit for a one-time Halloween costume. But then, who would spend a grand on a one-time costume? I could think of much better things to blow that much cash on in the space of one night. Break that wad up into singles and head to your local pole dancing academy. That's a lot of $1 bills that could find their way into...well you get the idea!
  7. Take all the ventilation you can get bro!
  8. Hmm...I'm having a difficult time with this thread. Was there originally a picture posted, or another thread? That's what I get for not checking in every hour of every day I guess!
  9. Hmm, worked on mine. I guess it's all up to how you're going about your build. I wanted to be able to take mine off and on when they need repainting. It's called a mod. And as far as not fitting AP...AP doesn't fit itself, as anyone who has put it together can attest! Really nice amor though once you beat it into submission...
  10. Where are you trying to post pictures too? i.e. photobucket, flicr, etc. I'd like to see those All-Con pictures too!
  11. That's AP that has the bump. TE2 comes 'oh so perfect'! Really nice looking helmet! I love TE2's!
  12. I would definitely go the movie accurate route. Try and get your hands on a TE2 and you won't be disappointed if you're worried about size. Again, like Terrell said, the bottom can be trimmed anyway no matter which one you go with. Maybe one day Fx will go back to the drawing board on their bucket (or at least mod out the current one to make it more accurate). I remember the first time I saw someone wearing an Fx. I thought 'Whoa your head is big'...
  13. Excellent job! Congrats on your EIB! You have a really fine looking set of TK armor there!
  14. No, it doesn't need the buttons. The buttons are formed on the plate (you would have to paint them). But, most everyone buys VaderDaves ab buttons to install for a much better look.
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