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  1. Thank you to henselmonster for the ANOVOS helmet! Just an an update, I got the helmet yesterday and it is fantastic. 7 years ago I was days away from getting my official TK# when I helmet got stolen, that took me out of the game for a few years, I later rushed a TK Commander build for Comic-Con about 2 years ago and now, I can finally move on from my eFX bucket and FX Armor Rig and finally build a troopable, clean ANH. I can't stop staring at how much better it looks. Sincerely, 7 years later, still an amateur.
  2. Looks like I've got my hands full! My new set of ATA armor arrived today while I am working on my TK Commander and my SR Props E-11 Blaster kit. My buddy/assistant thinks we can finish all of it in a week, I don't think he understands what goes in to all of this. Here we go.
  3. I decided that I am going to finish my TK Commander build not only so that I can say that I finished what I started but also, if I work fast enough I can at least have that ready for the Salt lake City Comic-Con next month and not have to worry about the armor being absolutely perfect. But now that I am back on the grind and I've got my passion for building back, I will immediately start on the suit I really want next. I fantasize about TM armor as many of us do but you've got to start somewhere.
  4. Do I be patient and work towards a screen accurate TK or get right back on the horse and finish what I started? I had nearly finished my ANH armor when I opted to convert it to a TK Commander before submitting for my official TK number, it was nearly ready for submission when my bucket went missing from a public event and the incomplete armor has been collecting dust in a hockey bag. I almost got back in the game several times but never allowed myself the time for it. Well I've got that passion for armor again and it's about time I focus my extra time on something creative. Not to mention that the Salt Lake City Comic-Con is coming up next month and the reveal of the Episode VII buckets have really put that itch in me. What to do is a major debate for me since my original armor was an FX suit with a modded MRCE bucket, I am limited on immediate funds but over the years I have become a lot more passionate for accuracy. Either way I am going to start with a replacement bucket. It's good to be back and in a way it feels like I never left, can't wait to be troop ready again.
  5. Hello all, It has been a long time since I have been around on the forums and it is about time I get back on the horse. I have had my SR-Props E-11 Blaster kit for a couple of years and I am ready to continue working on it but I am not certain on how to put it together once the pieces are ready. Let me know if any one can help me out with this. Thank you Steven Sorensen
  6. Thank you for all of your input. I must say, I am liking the look of the ATA bucket, I think I will probably go in that direction. TK 4702, your build looks fantastic.
  7. It has been 10 months since my completed ANH Helmet was stolen from me on my birthday at my own party and I still have not recovered from the crippling disappointment. I have not been able to bring myself back to my passion and efforts let alone finish my E-11 blaster kit that I purchased just one week before my bucket was jacked and the time has come to return to the hobby I love the most. I have had plenty of time to come to terms with what has happened and I am ready to pick up where I left off when I was halted by unforeseen. I refuse to touch an FX helmet and I have greater expectations then a modded MRCE... It is time to get back in to the game. Now to find myself a bucket.
  8. Tomorrow could be considered Dark Lord of the 5th! followed by Revenge of the 6th. Happy Star Wars Day everyone.
  9. I has been long enough that I am no longer that upset about it, but you can imagine how I felt and reacted to the situation at the time. Luckily in the near future here I can replace it and get back to work on my suit.
  10. Unfortunately, I do not have any further progress pics, ever since someone stole my finally finished helmet on my birthday at my own party, i was so disappointed I haven't gotten back to it. Luckily things have changed for the better recently and I should be able to find myself a new helmet and get back to work! -Steven
  11. I will confess, I watched it and I really did enjoy it a lot. Ned was Hillarious!
  12. AHhhhhhh aha ha haa RUBIES ARMOR! Still way funny : )
  13. Yeah, at the end of my own birthday party, someone stole my helmet that I finished just 3 days prior.
  14. At this point I guess all will be well because I am going to replace it with a much better helmet. A very kind offer has been extended to me and I must commend TE2 for his kindness. I would take TE2 over a modded MRCE any day. Thank you all for the support, it will turn out ok in the end. Troop on.
  15. Last night was my 25th and half way through the night I decided that it would be a good idea to bust out my TK.... It went as well as any one could hope troopin' around in a huge party could be. As predicted, it got quite hot in said suit, as time went on I took my bucket off and set it on a table off to the side in the kitchen. 2 hours later when it was time to collect my armor and put things away, I discovered that i t was missing. Cars where searched, people where questioned and there where several different stories about the last time everyone saw my bucket. Apparently a group of girls where heard saying "wouldn't it be funny if we took this", and that was it.... I spent far too much time and money finishing this bucket. I know I am a beginner at building buckets, but I finished it 3 days ago and now it is gone and it is time to find a new helmet. : (
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