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  1. You are the best.... how is the Camaro?
  2. Yes, lots of people use the Hasbro modded gun. You can buy the gun at Walmart for $19.00 and the conversion kit for $25 on ebay and do it yourself.
  3. He was honest with me. Period. I just thought that since everyone was slagging him that I'd post my experience with him out of fairness. FISD shouldn't be one-sided.
  4. I have bits and pieces from PT. -Chest/Back/Biceps/etc because I wanted accurate armor made out of High Gloss HIPS. (Which is almost impossible to get in the USA). PT was relatively inexpensive, honest, and even gave me some extra pieces for FREE! I was able to trim it very quickly with scissors and assemble the entire upper half of my armor in an few hours. -That being said, there are lots of armor makers here on the FISD who are also honest and make awesome armor. TE2, CAP West, Trooper Master, ATA. Look around and do your research. Cost was an issue for me and as I mentioned, I didn't want to have to paint my plastic. I HATE SPRAY PAINTING. So PT was a great option for me.
  5. I have FX calves and size 10 Caboots and haven't had any trouble. I lined the inside of my calves with weather insulation strips.... it's like a sponge with adhesive on the one side. It keeps the pieces from sliding around on your legs. I also used it on all of my other pieces. It's great. I don't even use straps on my biceps. They are held in place with the foam strips by tension.
  6. Thanks guys! I ended up the following night moving my biceps up a bit and I used an Ace Bandage elbow support bandage which helped. Unfortunately the several drinks that I consumed didn't help as I didn't see the flower pots behind me as I exited the club. LOL TROOPER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I repeat, TROOPER DOWN! I was like a turtle on its back.
  7. Had a great time last night with my lovely wife!!!! My arms are so bruised from getting pinched between my bicep/forearm piece though. Anyone else have that problem?
  8. That looks great but the only thing that I saw was that the e-11 holster was not attached to the belt with snaps or threaded posts.
  9. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do than get new armor, or paint it. I have a CAP High Gloss HIPS helmet that is awesome, but it makesmy FX armor look almost pink!!! I hated it so I bought new shoulders, chest, biceps, and back in High Gloss HIPS to blend in to the rest of my FX. -And it looks great. IMHO, I love the FX ABS, it's very durable, but the color doesn't match any other plastic particularly well. ****** The helmets didn't match the rest of the armor in the films either..... So, you might as well not worry about it.
  10. You might want to try CAP-West. I have no idea how this forum feels about them but they look fantastic and are a lot cheaper (and better than) MRCE.
  11. If you get these from Lowes, they are called threaded posts.... made by hillman. I went to about 5 different hardware stores before I found them. They are great!
  12. Am I wrong..... HIPS = Styrene? There are different types.... gloss and matte.
  13. It really helps if you are going to take a leak! Just undo your belt, flip the cod piece up and your good to go! (Of course this assumes that you have some sort of zipper or two piece black underarmor.) :-)
  14. You look like you would kick that 70's TK's @$$! :-)
  15. Original theatrical version: At the very end when Han and Luke first step into the awards ceremony, there's a long shot behind the pair and the first few rows of soldiers on each side of the hall (closest to the camera) are cardboard paintings. Lucas didn't have enough uniforms for everyone. ------------
  16. Guys, I have gone through the tape over and over and the quality is so bad that there could be a naked princess leia standing in the background and you'd never see her. Has anyone looked at the old school DVD? (The one that hasn't been remade). It might be worth a look. I watched it a few months ago and they even left in the cardboard cut out soldiers in the closing scene.... I have it somewhere. I'll have a look if no one has it handy.
  17. Fanboys was FX armor..... I thought that it was funny when they were in Lucas's house and he had FX Armor on display.......
  18. I have the old video tape of ANH...... I will have to have a look, but we all know that this guy is full of crap.
  19. I don't know about sandblasting.... I have done it a few times on metal.... and you would destroy plastic IMO.
  20. Speaking of ESB, I watched it again last night and noticed that this trooper doesn't even have his trapezoid painted.... it's plain white!
  21. I hate being the skeptic... but you'd think that if you were selling these that the first place you'd advertise is here............. That being said, I hope that they are legit. They look nice!
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