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  1. Height, width & depth of an entire piece please Cross your fingers that I found the right part!
  2. Hey Jesse! The clips on the hero version blaster. It has taken me forever, but I believe I found them!
  3. Hi All! Long time since I've been around! Does anyone have "accurate" measurements of the clip-like greeblies? After a couple years I think I found the actual part! PM is fine. Thanks!
  4. PP sent for 1 set with scope!
  5. Those look great! Its about time someone offers them! Count me in!
  6. I heard an interview with Steve Sansweet talking about the armor. LFL would not let Museum Replicas copy the suit with any casting materials so they used aluminum foil. Seriously.
  7. I owned one and compared it to an AP I also owned. I would say they are about the same size.
  8. You are correct. Mold sizes are one thing. Assembly is another.
  9. Like the Boss basically said, assembly is the key. Almost any helmet can be assembled to have a larger opening and possibly more room inside. Its all about the faceplate placement. That doesn't mean it has to be a low brow either. I first built an AP before I knew anything. I didn't know that I could adjust the build to fit me. It was like medieval torture to put it on and take it off!... and that was with trimming the opening larger! I'm not even going to mention what it was like inside.... I compared a VT I had to my ATA and AP. The VT mold size is definitely smaller than the ATA and appeared smaller than the AP! First, follow Nate's list - that is based off the actual mold sizes. The bigger / taller you are the more you want to stay at the top of the list (minus the FX of course and the ANH V2 is one piece, so you can't do much with it). Second, before building do some mock ups with tape to hold the parts in place and try it on. Worked for me!
  10. You look great! Definitely one of the best fits I have ever seen!! Top shelf all the way
  11. Great job! That baby is shiney! Interesting to see a comparison with a CAP. Only a few more FX's to go!
  12. Nice high brow! Looks great!
  13. Now that's car washing! I'm sure it did raise....money Oh behave! Great idea and good work!
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