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  1. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/51019 Sorry, but this is just going too far. Hopefully it’s not true, but if it is it ruins a perfectly good moment. And, it reminds me too much of this: (watch second)
  2. Thanks for all of the ideas! Let me run some of them by the team and see what they think.
  3. Jar-B0 Que...that's not half bad. Anything new? Come on guys, I know there are some creative folks out there. Anything with Boba-que?
  4. Dash, you KNOW I'm gong to use the Wookie steak joke...that's too funny!
  5. Grillenium Falcons is SO much better than my idea of "Ham Solo" (since ham has nothing to do with competitive grilling). Amazing really! I'm going to have to think about "borrowing" that. I checked the Kansas City Barbeque Society database and no one uses it. Can anyone thing of something maybe with "Boba" since that kinda close to "barbe..."? Edited first post too. Keepem coming!
  6. Ok, get the creative juices flowing. I do some competitive grilling and my current team name is already in use by others. So, I need to become more original. Can anyone think of a Star Wars inspired competitive grilling team name? Post below and thanks! Edit: Can anyone thing of something maybe with "Boba" since that kinda close to "barbe..."? Bobaque?
  7. Very well written and I'm glad you had a life changing experience. For those of us who no longer follow every thread; you mentioned a two year battle to fit into your armor. Since you're such a good writer, is there any chance you could describe that particular fight in another heading? It might serve as an inspiration to some.
  8. Congrats Tiff! I would have liked to have you in WI, but the group from ancestry.com gets the benefit of your experience. Jedi name...try this Jedi name generator
  9. The "infighting, arrogance, deceitful dealings, fraud, and unwillingness to answer reasonable questions" has been going on for a while now. They are some of the reasons I've gone from checking the FISD a few times a day to not having been on since the new year. Sad to see...
  10. Way to go Paul! (Get a life!!!!)
  11. Man, here I was about to defend AA. I had forgotten about Brian's post. I'll have to believe Mr. Muir 100% of the time.
  12. Always amazes me that the gunners don't have any kind of railing to prevent accidental falls!
  13. I did a quick Google search and didn't find anywhere that product was recommended for plastics. You may want to test it on some scrap first; but I think you might be right to be worried. ----- is the MSDS. A few of the active ingredients are solvents which may not react well with HIPS. The salesman should know (shouldn't he or she?) if it is safe for HIPS.
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