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  1. Looks like a fantastic event, way to represent what the Legion's all about.
  2. Looks fantastic! Congrats on your success
  3. I am not, why, are there some photos on there?
  4. I know this is a silly question for a man who owns ANH on Blu Ray to ask, but are the canvas belts on Stunt Troopers white or offwhite, at least by our standards here at the FISD? Sorry for such a noob questions
  5. It's great to have you on board Jeremy! Your kit looks awesome, I'm sure you are going to have a blast
  6. Are there any pictures of Darman's seal?
  7. I've always wanted one of these, thanks so much!
  8. Motivation is what we do! The Empire's finest must look their finest! You can do it, trooper! Just try to be a Heavy Weapons trooper and not a heavy trooper
  9. Those all look fantastic! Please post pics of you wearing them
  10. That would keep me entertained for hours!
  11. Finally got accepted! TK 7692 Reporting for Duty! http://www.501stlegion.org/members/display...p;costumeID=124 Requesting 501st access.
  12. Pandatrooper is extremely helpful and charismatic, he has my vote.
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