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  1. Could you point to this tutorial on the abs/butt fixes? I think I will need to adjust my armor too as I am not getting the correct overlaps/spacing on my commissioned AP armor and I want to get my ducks in a row before doing something wrong to correct it. Thanks. Bart
  2. Please allow me to piggyback on your thread and ask something similar. Is there any place to buy a rubber E11 in Canada for those times I'm going to want to let kids hold it? Bart
  3. More than once now I've opened this thread only to end up tearing up. Good job! Bart
  4. I prefer not to be a solo act, but I unlocked the next level today and made contact with a TK IN MY CITY (so not the same one from a number of years ago that didn't want to show me anything) and she said she will bring over her kit when mine arrives and help me get fitted up! That is a huge weight off my mind. And, we're already chatting about what we can work on going forward now that their could be two of us locally. That unlocks another level because I wanted to be all in for promotion and recruitment and trooping so looking like more fun hour by hour now! Bart
  5. Found out a couple days ago that I know someone else who is building a ANH Hero armor. Unfortunately, they are still more than three hours away from me. He's got mad skills when it comes to building anything. Still would only be three of us where I am but one is an hour away. Bart
  6. I'm told that by next Friday or so my armor will be in my possession. The question is, do I open the box Friday night when I get home from an exhausting work day or wait until the Saturday when I've had some sleep or try to auction it right away as it seems it can go for big bucks if handled properly! It is arriving at least a month sooner than I had anticipated so it probably will still be a while until I can get help to get the fitting right and photos taken. I had a vague date in January to meet up with another TK to help me out so likely more waiting (although I am sure I will have the helmet on my head right away). Bart
  7. When I read about bullied kids I just see red. Then when I see the kindness of people doing something like this I get a bit teary eyed. Good job! Bart
  8. I enjoyed reading this from start to finish! Bart
  9. I'm in the same boat as you regarding distances to any density of 501st members. I hope to spark so local interest too once I get my armor and start the approval process. Bart
  10. Since I am not building my armor I won't have a building thread to share, but I thought I'd show you how I'm coming along in other areas. The boots are a bit of a problem with sizing. I really needed an 8.5 but that's not an option so they are a 9 and I haven't found a combination of insoles and socks that take out the heel slop when I walk. I may need to see if there is something I can stuff in the toes that won't drive my toes crazy while fixing the heel. They aren't comfortable as they are with the heel flopping up and down. I have the fans and the icomm/amp from Ukswrath and TK Products respectively. Must admit I had to play with the icomm. "These aren't the droids we're looking for." I can see the mic will require some fiddling once it gets in a helmet as it seems super sensitive in some positions and not so much in others. The blaster I just opened up today even though I've had it for quite some time. I just wanted to keep it safe through my busy Halloween building season. It's from Quest Design. I didn't do the "pew-pew" with it. They are smaller than I pictured in my head and it's been 15 years since I've seen one in person so the memory of it was off I guess. There is nice weight to it. I'm not a "gun" guy in my day to day life so it does feel a bit strange to handle it. Couldn't seem to hit anything with it at all though. I have the undersuit, but still on the hunt for pants with the appropriate placed pocket. I also picked up cotton gloves to wear under the rubber gloves, a balaclava and an MP3 player for the trooper chatter. I built a kit of tools and emergency stuff (not that I will have much clue on how to repair most thing) based on the recommendations here. Other than very basic things I had to order most of the contents as they just were not available locally. That is a frustrating part of where I live, but I did eventually obtain everything on the list plus a couple other things I through in just to keep it all in one place. My armor is under construction by Mark at AP right now and Geeky Pink is doing up the neck seal and a harness for me as opposed to a belt which I think is the last of the items I will need. I will, hopefully, be part of Badlands Garrison which is the same one as Geeky Pink is part of so that is cool (although she is no where near me). I'm hoping to meet others from Badlands on the 26th this month when they are doing a membership drive/show-and-tell type event 3 hours from me. I've met some of them in the past, but never as a potential recruit so that is different. Shouldn't be too long now until I can start the final steps of the process. Bart
  11. Getting to the point now that I want to have a good storage and transportation bin. I see on this thread that this bin "does not" fit the helmet but then "does" fit the helmet so can anyone clarify 100% that it would fit everything? I can get this locally which is about the first thing in this journey that I can. I want to fit everything though even if the helmet ends up on display in the house when not being worn. I would eventually put some decals and ID on it of course. 31244837 | Walmart Canada
  12. Well just got word that my commissioned armor build has started. It's been a couple months I guess since I did the deposit on it and I STILL am nervous about it all. I've certainly enjoyed reading and seeing all the posts of all the troops people have been doing and it is hard to wrap my head around the idea that I might be doing the same very soon. Weird. Bart
  13. In an ideal world I would build it myself but I have no skills in that area and no local help so it would just end up sitting unfinished in a box somewhere. I have about another 2 months to wait for the AP ready to wear commission to arrive. I realize I will need to do some adjusting for the final fit and have reached out to the nearest 501st member to me to help with that. He's 2.5 hours away but none closer are interested in even letting me see their armor so this is the alternative plan. Bart
  14. He has a "few" items. haha.
  15. I am not much of a collector, but I do have a few things. Don't hate me, but Star Trek is my first love ever since I can remember so I have a guest room with all that stuff in it: Then I do have a few Star Wars items outside of some magazines and books. The drone someone was selling locally. It is unopened and I probably will keep it that way. My uncle dropped off the x-wing one day. It was my cousin's. I didn't really know what I was supposed to do with it, but then thought it worked nice in my home office so it found a home there. I have to figure out where I am going to display the ST helmet when that day arrives and the blaster as I don't think I want to just leave those in a box when not in use. Bart
  16. This was coming up on my radar so good timing. I'm picking up something for the repair kit this weekend, but trying to find the right balance between size and space vs. ease to move and transport could be interesting. I have a jeep so space isn't a huge problem unless I find I need to transport more than 2 people with a case also in there, or cases if I find I'm giving a lift to another trooper. Bart
  17. If you find that you get more work than you can keep up with I might be able to help out with background removal especially over winter. Bart
  18. I have boots. Right now feeling a bit PTSD over it and the disco flashbacks. I ordered one size larger as per everything I read and I think I could have just went with my normal size. They are a tad big but my orthotics fit in fine and that was my biggest worry. I don't think some gel inserts will be a bad idea so the extra space will be good. I have a blaster too, but am too afraid to open the box. It's getting too close to really feeling real now. Bart
  19. I thought maybe you had found a premade system available in Canada. Bart
  20. I got a box today to which should be my blaster but I haven't popped it open yet. I don't expect the armor for another couple months. May I ask what you ended up doing for fans? I haven't ordered anything there yet. Bart
  21. Decided to see if I could get this to work before I wanted it to work. This was a couple years ago. A friend at the time had this helmet. I believe he mentioned it wasn't 501st accurate, he just had it on display. From what I know now I know it isn't accurate. So I tried it on. Couldn't hardly get my head in and couldn't see much. It took too many years to get the point I'm at now (patiently waiting on that commissioned build and gathering up all the other bits I'm going to need to do this right). Bart
  22. It seems so crazy, the thought, of putting on a bunch of plastic then the helmet goes on and it just suddenly seems so right. Bart
  23. As I dig into the information it does seem legit as the contents say "boots" which would be a wild coincidence for a scam. Bart
  24. Things are happening. I should have a blaster and the Icomm system by the end of the month and maybe boots. Something "afoot" with the boots as I seem to be getting scam email from a courier that I am to pay them for a shipment, but I have no actual tracking info from Imperial Boots to know if this one is legit or one of the daily attempts I receive to pay someone for something I ordered (or didn't order). Did anyone else get any shipping notifications for boots from the Sept. wave? Bart
  25. Hopefully next year. I can't see anything on this of course. Bart
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