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  1. Walking that far in a TK is impressive! Congrats! Bart
  2. I had never even considered a "functional" blaster until you posted this. Now I kinda want one too. Bart
  3. Kinda jealous of all those sets if I'm being honest. I don't know if I would ever get to Toronto. I did see some Youtube video and the place looked packed in the 501st area. I saw ANH back in '77. Not sure how I managed to pull that off, but the whole family went. To this day, Star Wars is about the only scifi/fantasy my brother will watch. He even does better than me seeing most of the live action stuff on stream. I've only seen about a 1/5th of what's out there. Bart
  4. I've been giving this consideration myself. Very awkward and uncomfortable in rubber and hard to grip anything or pick up anything small I've been finding. Glad to see others have made the switch and not executed over it! Bart
  5. I love it when there is stories along with the photos! Bart
  6. So what information did you give up in that interrogation? You may be in trouble. Bart
  7. I do believe you are correct. keeptrooping is the new one. Bart
  8. "Forever cooler than your friends". Love it! I'm going to tell mine the same thing. Bart
  9. Troop 5 part 2. The day after the Market Square troop we went out to a local area called The Great Sandhills which feature a number of sand dunes in the middle of the prairie. It's a rather interesting nature spot and it can make from some very good photos. We were there early enough to have wind swept sand with no other footprints. I didn't want to take my still new armor out into the sand so while I did pose for one silly shot I just helped get the others in and out of the area. I felt maybe you all would like to see some of the finished shots. Bart If there was any doubt that Tatooine is really in Canada you just have to look at what I'm drinking. Bart
  10. I wear glasses and pretty much need to get them into my helmet if I hope to see anything. It's a bit of struggle with ANH bucket, but I can do it. Don't let the glasses stop you. Bart
  11. I have really enjoyed the smaller troops (which compared to a lot of people here is most of mine) and this one seems especially cool! I need to work on sitting I think... Bart
  12. Thank you! It has been quite a ride already that's for sure. Such a crazy amount of fun though it should be illegal! What if I said our Obi-wan was just a very good cut out we move around? haha. He really is a crazy match for the real deal and we have a good time when out together interacting. Bart
  13. Troop 8 : Market Square/The Center in Swift Current, July 22, 2023 This is an annual troop that has been going on for years but I never had the nerve to approach them and now I'm in with that. Weird how that works. It's an open air market and we were lending support to a youth center in the city. There is a donation made to the organization on behalf of us and the city. We were lucky and had a photographer (my sister-in-law) follow us around the entire time so we could do our thing with no distraction while she did hers. I wish we could have that all the time. It made for much better pictures as a lot of candid shots were captured that we normally would never have got. A couple more firsts for me. First time feeling more the part and less like a guy with a pail on his head, first local troop so a five minute drive, first parking lot kit up which was interesting, first under a heat advisory for the day. I didn't think we would make 2 hours in the heat, but we did about 3 with one short water break and spending some of the time under tents. I think my previous job prepared me for extended periods with little water as that was a regular occurrence in my job. Next year this troop is mine to plan I'm told so I'm hoping I can get some system in place for changing and a private rest area to get the bucket off our heads without an audience. I encountered a lot of people that I knew since it was local and had fun with them until they could guess who I was. This one photo/encounter ended up being extra special but I didn't find out why until later. This gentleman was non-verbal but I'm told after the photo he whispered, "Thank you." which I couldn't hear, but the photographer and his aid heard. The aid was surprised and very happy for him. My sister-in-law, who did double duty for photos and being our handler, thrust one of my trading cards into my hand to give the man which put an even bigger smile on his face. People were encouraged to dress up but really only a few kids did. The little TK was excited for a photo and not shy in the least to run up to us for one: There will be payback for this one... At least I can take comfort in the fact that if I was hot in mine he was melting in his! Once again, ran across this guy. This time he was trying to get past customs. I don't remember how this ended.... Yup, I stopped. We took a side tour to the nearby fire station, but they didn't turn the hoses on us like we hoped. I don't even drink it, but if I did it would have to be dark roast. They are called potatoes on this planet. I know I won't like them. This is the first time I have met/trooped with the pilot, but the others are quickly becoming my trooping gang as I've done the most troops with them in my short time with the 501st (4 of my 5) All of us go with the motto that no troop is too small to attend if it is making people happy. We have a fun time every time. There will be a 6 week dry spell now to troop number 9 and 10 which will be a fan expo a couple hours away. After that most for the rest of this year becomes tentative for me due to potential weather and road conditions in October and onwards but I'm hoping to get to them especially since 2 of them are little events which allow for a lot more interaction. Bart
  14. Have fun! It's going to be an experience! Bart
  15. I'm going to guess back left (from in person perspective not photo) on the first picture. Bart
  16. Troop 6 : Dominic Strong/Children's Hospital support Medicine Hat June 24, 2023 This was my first outdoor troop and my first out of province troop within my garrison. The weather was perfect. We had shade and a nice cool breeze blowing through the area for the two hours the event took place. Four of us, all 501st members this time, with no rebels in sight, attended a baseball game to lend support and draw attention to the Dominic Strong/Children's Hospital fund raising. Not many photos as we had no dedicated handler this time. I'm hoping the organizers can get some photos from the team photographer who spent quite a bit of time around us and share them with us. No wildly interesting stories from this one. We did get a request for photos with "just" the TKs so we felt special for a bit. I took part in a staring contest with a kid who was trying to stare down the shadow trooper. I took the kid's side. It went on a very long time and I'm told many more kids were lined up behind me taking part too. The shadow trooper did win after the kid's friends got bored and dragged him away. I spotted some photo-op stations so we had a go looking like baseball players: The organizers also wanted us to play some crokinole which I played a lot of as a kid, but it was much more difficult this time. The shadow trooper didn't do any better: Here is a FB video as well: Facebook They have been doing this fund raiser for a few years now and have had the 501st for all of them. I would do it again for sure. They even had a BBQ for us before it started so we went in with a full stomach. We TKs sort of blend into the team! A good month to troop number 7 which is local to me so I only need to travel 5 minutes to it! Bart
  17. Seems like there should be a story behind this one and the reactions going on. Bart
  18. Don't let it get you down. I'm stuck even for EIB right now with changes I cannot do myself. I know the feeling of the wind being taken out of your sails. Looks like the suggests here are totally doable though so you should have no problems. Bart
  19. Troop 5 : Regina Collectimania June 11, 2023 / raised funds for the Regina Cat Rescue Initially this was to be more of a recruitment drive as we have no members in the province's capital city and we would love to remedy that. Because we ended up with a few more on the volunteer list and the addition of some rebels we were able to do more for their charity with a photo booth. It was not a huge show and it lasted less than six hours., but lots of people in that time. The venue, however, was very warm and that was a bit of a test for me going for three hours straight. I need to remember to be better hydrated in that heat! All was fine though, still some learning curve for me. I'm still contemplating the armor adjustments which seem to focus most on the bucket. I need it a bit higher but not too much. Most everything else seems to be fitting and riding well. I can safely say that I am totally past the whole anxiety thing over getting into costume and out on the floor around the people. I'm finding I really like to interact with people especially when I am away from the photo area. My favorite this troop was once again playing a statue and scaring a group of 16 year old boys when they suddenly realized I was real. I encountered them again later and gave them the whole fingers/eyes/watching you motion and they seemed to really get a kick out of that. Then where was the little kids most of which were excited to fist bump me (well one wanted to every time she saw me, but chickened out each time despite my best attempts to win her over). And a few of the adult kids who were just blown away standing with a stormtrooper. Hopefully at least a couple who signed the interest list follow through when we contact them. One guy wanted to be a TK so pulling for him! Join today. Yes, we mean you! Sort of my statue stand. Takes only minutes to catch someone. This was before it was 2000 degrees and the blaster was 12 feet long and 50 pounds. This one was excited. And with this one there was a combo of fist bumps and high fives instigated by him. To keep myself from seizing up I wandered and checked out the merchandise. Alas, no credits on me. Troop number 6 is already less than two weeks away and is all outdoors so the real heat test will be on! Bart
  20. The owl, sure I'll hold that. The snake. nope and nope! Bart
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