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  1. So here are a few images of the lid so far. There may be some elements that might drive the hardcore screen accurate folks nuts. I started out wanting to do a completely screen accurate helmet but as usual for me I started to drift and build what I think looks good. As you can see the frown is not not painted all the way to the corner, I really love how the hero frown looks so for my stunt version I make the frown just a bit narrower. On the left side I didn't leave enough meat to attach the front and back halves with the screw so I had to epoxy them together. The blu
  2. Haha thanks voorhees, I still have one to go and I hope that is enough. Cheers
  3. Thank you all for your help and taking the time to take pictures too. I'll take some pictures of my messed up ear to show you the trouble spots, I'll have to make sure the next one is perfect. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I am in the process of building my first TK lid, an ATA. So far it is going ok and looking pretty good but now I am at the ears and after a first go on the left side I had less than fantastic results. I am ending up with a sizable gap between the circular part of the ear which is flat and the curved helmet. Also do I need to notch the ear to account for the step where the two helmet halves come together. If anyone has some incredible super secret tips about how to make this easier I would be forever grateful. I have gone through many different build threads and panda troope
  5. Wow this is amazing, great work! The subtle scuffs and scratches really add a lot of character.
  6. Absolutely fantastic build, very inspirational!
  7. Hi FISD, I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and introduce myself. I'm really excited to have finally found this wonderful forum, just from a brief time exploring the site it is clear the amount of information and expertise is staggering. I can't wait to get started on my build, it is a huge boost knowing there is a community like this to rely on for advice. I started to become interested in props a couple of years ago after mainly being interested in scale models. I registered over at the rpf and since then my interest in props, mainly star wars related, has really expanded
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