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  1. We didn't get them here in AU.<br> Apparently the helmets are not due for release in AU till mid October.<br><br> We only got the Black Series 6' figures and some other smaller figures.<br> So I got me a Death Trooper. The K-2S0 looks pretty sweet too.
  2. If Only You Knew: - I'm a do'er and hate reading, everyone says, read, read, read and ask questions. So I decided to cut it down and made some notes. - Maybe a top 5 list of things you learned that might not be so obvious to new recruits. 1. If your using E6000. Glue and magnets, buy lots. I can't recall how many times this slowed me down. 2. Glue pt2. When your getting low, buy or order another ASAP. 3. It worked well for me to do a soft costume first. I got my numbers and got involved with the garrison and got me familiar with it all works and also assisted me with the build and helped me see how they have done it. 4. Armour parties are great. Great for help, great socially and great just in general. 5. If you're like me and have heaps of leave, take some time off work and dedicate some uninterrupted time to it. Oops!: - PPE is so important. A couple of times I got too complacent and forgot to put on protective glasses while using the Dremel and ended up with plastic in my eye. - Probably the thing that held me back the most was having trimmed the face mask down too much at the sides. I wont do that again. It made me nervous to continue and the build stalled for ages. A funny thing happened on my way to the Death Star: - One morning after I got home from a night shift, my daughters little Chihuahua's didn't get up to bark at me as usual. By this time my bucket was probably 90% done and was wearable. About an hour later as the family started to rise, I stood around the corner of the lounge room with my bucket on. My daughter screamed, the dogs lost their shucks and went ballistic at me. Was priceless. Shout Outs: - Thanks to my fellow garrison mates for the advise and hosting armour parties, particularly Sith Lord, Andylah, Chris788, Obickay, Veers and Aston. - And another shout out to ukswrath for that awesome build thread that provided invaluable guidance. - And I can't leave the Mrs out for putting up with driving all over the place for things I needed. Lastly, A pic from my first troop after being approved at an event called Brandcast. Standing here with the Managing Director of Disney AU/NZ. Seems I was the shortest stormtrooper. LOL
  3. ARC

    ARC's build

    Thanks Christian, EIB then on to Centurion I think.
  4. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19571&costumeID=126 TK10118 reporting for duty
  5. ARC

    ARC's build

    TK 10118 Reporting! Approved today
  6. ARC

    ARC's build

    Took the TK for a test run at Oz Comic-Con Sydney on the weekend. Only had one minor wardrobe malfunction with the thigh ammo pack and repaired it overnight. Got plenty of love from the crowds, I think I've had enough selfies for one year. LOL
  7. All sorted guys, thanks. Bunnings had the right size in stock, I dremelled it down a bit and the end caps fit on nice n snug.
  8. ARC

    ARC's build

    Update: I took this last week off to try and finish it off before Sat the 3rd and got fairly close. All that I have left to do is strapping from the thighs to a belt and ammo pack on the right thigh. Just awaiting some rivets to arrive from one of the guys in the garrison who lives up north. And lastly, just making last adjustments to the shoulder straps and making the back plate sit flush along the kidney plate.
  9. I'm not sure about elsewhere around the globe, but I find here in AU that Toyrs R Us are the best at keeping up with the Black Series items. Even now they keep up with the Kylo helmets still keep the 6inch figures in a steady rotation.
  10. ARC

    ARC's build

    So I got the bucket done, I've also been working on doing the cheese cloth/plastidip lining too. Needs a little more work, I've taken a weeks long service leave, So I'm going to knuckle down and finish this, this next week.
  11. Sounds like it maybe a Force Friday release perhaps? I would probably assume same as last year at Target and Toys R Us.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll stop by one of the four Bunnings I pass in the morning after work. I wasn't aware of the dremel trick to chamfer trick to bring down a bit... i thought it was a standard size that fits. I didn't see any pressure pipe last time I was there, perhaps they were out of stock.
  13. I need to direct this to my fellow Aussies. I cannot for the life of me find PVC pipe for my ATA Thermal Detonator. The pipe is 60mm outer diameter. But no one seems to carry it, only 50mm or 65mm. I've tried Bunnings, Masters, Tradelink, Reece, Cooks and a few other small plumbing stores to no avail at this time. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? I've already lost two days driving around Sydney looking
  14. I'm still working on the torso, so I can't really take photos of it all together. <br><br> As I said, just test fitting right now. <br> It seems when it's in a more comfortable spot when the low end covers my knee.<br> I'm thinking at this stage I might need to need to take off a half to an inch.<br> I'll come back to this once I've got my torso sorted and get an idea how it'll all fit together.
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