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  1. Thank you all for the welcome, i have joined ukg, but still trying to work out what i need to do and who i need to talk to as still new to all this even with information my brains not working lol..
  2. Hellos to all members of the 501st ...My names Stuart i live in the UK it Was in the 70s I remember my bro showing me Starwars, my first comment after seeing the big guy in the black outfit was i am going to work for Vader when i grow up ( i am 50) okay a lil more then grown up now , depends who you ask lol, so yes i have my RS Prop masters Suit that was built to my measurements with the stunt bucket, i am soaking up all the info i can. i look forwards to getting my suit passed for centurion level and get ready to troop, that's when we can that is, sadly. Thanks
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