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  1. A couple of days ago I went on a 2-day troop at Nordsken, while it's usually in the spring, schedueling confilcts made it so there was none in the spring 2023. Although it was a smaller event from the usual, there were still a lot of people, probably because of the free entrance. Anyway, it went along as usual; stand in photo-booth, give high-fives and hugs and generally having a good time. I used both costumes this time, serves me right for having the only TK (and TS, I think?) in the entire northern part of the country. :p
  2. So, last weekend I went to this year's ComicCon in Stockholm. 10 year anniversary, so it was a bit bigger than usual, including around 100 participating SG members! Unfortunately I had to cut it short and only attend 2/3 days because of transport issues. I went kinda ragged though so it might have been for the best with only 2 days, oh well... I did however have fun as always and used both of my armors. It was the usual, stand in photobooth, patrol a bit, greet the guests and such. You'd think we would have more snowtroopers up here but we really don't have that many. I was the only one during the first day with that armor, I got reinforced by one of the others who's also a TK on the second day though. (We need more snowies in this garrison!) Anyway that's all for this time, will add more photos if I can find any.
  3. Went to a troop in Bjurholm for Gameskap, the same one as last year. I went with Vader with 2 of his sons, in Kylo and Scout respectively. It was the usual, high-fives, photos and the like, trooped for about 3 hours. Fun to troop as always. (Will add photo if I can get one)
  4. That's just how life goes I suppose Anyway, I should probably not fill up your thread too much
  5. I have the same problem, sitting on DLT 3d kit I've had for over 1,5 years by now. Forgetfullness, other thing to do and procrastination in one can do that to you
  6. Went on a short but fun birthday troop for a girl in town. Me, Vader, his son (now in a Kylo) went to the EOs apartment to change and then we were led to the premises where the party was taking place. It was the usual ; hugs, high-fives, photos, etc. All-in-all didn't take more than 10 min but it was nice anyway.
  7. Although I didn't wear my TK for this (and I'm not adding it to my numbers here), I've had a pretty big 2-day troop that I still want to document; Klossfestivalen, an event dedicated to LEGO (and some charity ). Usually it's located much more south, but this time it was in town here up north. And as such, SG was invited. As it's still quite wintery, I decided to use my Snowtrooper more thoroughly before the season is over. As usual, I went with the local gang and we trooped us very tired at the end of it. Because the event had sold out it's preorder tickets, we were quite swamped with kids, big and small. When at it's busiest we couldn't go 5 meters before being asked for pictures or high-fives. All in all, a successful troop! Also, I met up with the Sandie from way back; Hot and Cold! See you next time!
  8. Done. This was for a garrison troop though, did I miss a new guideline or something? I have done these kinds of troops before so I'm just curious.
  9. Just a small one, some photos for social media, specifically for International Heart Children's Day.
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