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  1. As i have seen in so many builds the posterior pushes out from the kidney. So I made some of those clips and glued them to the posterior. I used CA glue for this one. I wanted a definite solid hold. Good to go.
  2. Installed the cover strip 1/8" elastic band. Glued to the shoulder elastic with some CA glue.
  3. Finished the Thermal Detonator. Cut the tube down about 3/16. Cut down the end caps to 3/4. Drilled a vent hole in tube from A.J's build tip. Glued them together for a over all length of 7 1/2 inches. Glued on the button plate. Next installed the clips. Painted the screw heads black.
  4. Got the Belt finished between doing other things. Cut some paint stir sticks for the shims inside the drop boxes. Riveted and glued the strap to the boxes and belt.
  5. Ok got it thanks. I will do this as I have not installed the shoulder bell snaps yet. The shoulder straps are made.
  6. Awesome Thanks. That would be the strapping at the bottom that hooks into the clip on the biceps? Basically the strap would be longer but tighter around the bicep?
  7. Pushing on with a ton of little details. Made the shoulder bell retaining clips. Used a heating gun and wood blocks to bend them. Measurements per UKWraths AM 1.0 build. Glued them in 14mm from the top of the biceps.
  8. I glued in the snaps for the shoulder elastic. Currently working on the 2" elastic snap strapping. Next I glued on the button plates that I painted a while ago. Also installed the belt snaps. Working on the belt now as well.
  9. Got the shoulder bridges trimmed. Cut out filler abs for the back of the bumps and glued them in. From UKWraths build tip. I let them set over night. I did do a test fitting with the chest and back plates. i had to trim a little off the chest plate bridge area. But did not trim the back yet. I will do another test fit up when the glued in bridges have fully dried. Also added so mobility cuts to the backs of the calves and thighs.
  10. Thanks I appreciate that. Yes I will be removing most of those return edges. I am removing them as I fit up and install the strapping. Seeing where it would be a problem. I'm not super thin. I'm average medium I guess lol. The Ab/Cod and Posterior strapping and fit up is done. Just need to finish the button plate, belt snaps and paint the centurion rivets white. Working on the chest and back now. Oh helmet is almost done just need to paint the tube stripes and install the lens.
  11. Thanks. I did trim a little off the back plate. Working on the strapping now. I should be able to do some partial suit up for more fitment this weekend. As for the pic from AJ pg 10 I did that as well. The side shot doesn't show it very well. See pic below it is from the inside of the posterior. Thanks for the input.
  12. Made some progress on the abs, cod, posterior and kidney strapping and snap plates. Took a page out of A.J's book on the strap hinge method on the Kidney and abs. Also question for the 20mm x 20mm square notch. It should follow onto the posterior right? See my pencil lines. And for the back plate it looks as I need to remove a goo portion of the bottom return edge to make it sit flush with the top of the kidney.
  13. Finally finished the thighs. Just needs some minor cleanup and to paint the rivets white. Oh and the strapping for these. And will be cutting in some mobility cuts in the rear.
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