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  1. Thanks that makes perfect sense to do it this way. 1 strap or 2 straps on the pouch? Im thinking 2 sorta close together. Then need to figure out where on the left strap to put the one with the 2 snaps. Mission excepted.
  2. Thanks again. Now to mount the shoulder magazine pouch.
  3. All right moving along I finished the ammo belt and pouches. Started off with a new belt from Rob Kittel. Marked punched and installed the snaps for the armor. Next mounted the ammo belt with the rivets. Next glued on the rivet cover. Next I modified the magazine pouches. Blackened out all the white stitching. Removed the slanted straps. Installed some new webbing glued together and riveted on. Next made some fake foam magazines to fill out the pouches.
  4. Mounted all the boxes, tube and siphon using double sided tape and sheet metal screws. Added some 1/4 foam in the rear cut out for a buffer between the back armor and pack. Just need to give it some weathering. Next up is to build the ammo belt with the magazine pouches.
  5. All cut out holes are covered. Hit them with some flat black paint. Sewed clip buckles onto the 1 inch webbing. Positioned and mounted to the pack with some #6 machine screws and finishing washers so they won't pull through. Sprayed with flat black paint. Next is to mount all the boxes and tube. Used a soldering iron to burn the strap holes
  6. Cut the funnel and both caps off. Next is to cover the holes and add the shoulder straps.
  7. Finished the siphon finally. Now onto the pack (Oil Pan) Parts are not mounted yet.
  8. Yup did that. No Ca glue just e6000. It’s really solid.
  9. Got started on the siphon. Cut down a cup 4" on top to 3 1/2 on the bottom. Cut a piece of 1/16 abs for the top and glued it on. I will glue the soda cap later. Also I had a super thin abs 1/32 i think from a older project. Rolled into a cone. Glued and clamped. That's it for now need to let the glue dry for the cone 24 hrs.
  10. Thanks Oh yah you know it all the way to Centurion of course.
  11. Been a bit since my last post. So I finished the radio box. Finished the round canister. Finished the PopIt boxes. Next need to get on the siphon. Radio Box assembly Canister PopIt Boxes cut the lip and ABS sheet bottoms and top plates. Added all the appropriate parts. ABS cover plates All the completed parts so far. They are not mounted yet. Need to make the siphon now.
  12. Thank you Sir. Just getting started.
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