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  1. Yup did that. No Ca glue just e6000. It’s really solid.
  2. Got started on the siphon. Cut down a cup 4" on top to 3 1/2 on the bottom. Cut a piece of 1/16 abs for the top and glued it on. I will glue the soda cap later. Also I had a super thin abs 1/32 i think from a older project. Rolled into a cone. Glued and clamped. That's it for now need to let the glue dry for the cone 24 hrs.
  3. Thanks Oh yah you know it all the way to Centurion of course.
  4. Been a bit since my last post. So I finished the radio box. Finished the round canister. Finished the PopIt boxes. Next need to get on the siphon. Radio Box assembly Canister PopIt Boxes cut the lip and ABS sheet bottoms and top plates. Added all the appropriate parts. ABS cover plates All the completed parts so far. They are not mounted yet. Need to make the
  5. Thank you Sir. Just getting started.
  6. Thanks. I should make some good progress this week on the pack.
  7. Yah thanks I want to make the card board box a rigid and durable as possible. Yup I know about removing the drain funnel. Good idea on the foam. I have some left over on a Shore Trooper armor commission I did a while back.
  8. Made the radio face plate details. I used 1/8 abs for the top trim and 1/16 abs for the bottom trim. Next is to glue them to the front of the radio box when the wood stiffeners are fully dry.
  9. Moving onto the radio box. I cut the box down to 2 1/2 inches. Cut the lid down for the back. I cut and glued in some wood supports for a more solid mounting points on the pack. While the E6000 is drying I will start on the radio face plate.
  10. Started off with the tube. First I trimmed the tube to proper length of 2 ft. Next glued the caps on. I used some tape to make a straight cut line. I have a side bench vise that Kept it square. Using a hack saw I cut off the rounded parts. Finished with a file and sand paper. Next I took the spare TK shoulder strap. Used a heat gun to make it flat. Trimmed it to the required 7 bumps. Heated it once again and formed it to the tube. Clamped and glued it in place 2" down from the cap edge. Moving onto the boxes next.
  11. Awesome thanks @justjoseph63 I will do this for the tube.
  12. Today was my lucky day I found a can of the Slate Blue Spray paint at my local Ace Hardware store.
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