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  1. Hi all, I haven't been here for a few years now but some time ago I bought ANH TK bucket from Mike (TK-4510). It has never trooped and has been in my display cabinet with little sunlight since I bought it but over the last few years it has yellowed noticeably. Does anyone know what I can do to whiten it up again? Thanks
  2. I've got the full kit as well and would be interested in anything to attach it with.
  3. I've got the full Doopy Doos kit and have been slowly working on it. I've got no plans for trooping with it at the present time but I am more than happy with it. This is my first full resin kit of anything and my first prop replica and I was surprised by the size, weight and quality of it. You may wish to replace the bolts at the front though as mine looked more like blobs of resin than anything else, so I cut the heads of some suitable bolts and put them in where the blobs were. If you are worried about the resin go for the Hasbro blaster and get the Doopy Doos upgrade set for it. There's not as much resin which shouldn't pose a problem like the full kit.
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