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  1. Troop #21: November 14th, 2020—Santa Claus "Reverse" Parade, London, ON After a long, pandemic-induced hiatus from trooping, I was thrilled to have the chance to suit up for this neat reverse parade near my hometown. We, along with all the other "floats", set up stationary displays along the runways of the local airport. Cars would drive through single-file and wave from their windows. It was a joy! A very clever alternative, too. It was non-stop traffic from start to finish—I'm told the line-up for entry was over 5km long! Great turnout and tons of fun. That's me on th
  2. Troop #20: January 24th, 2020—Ontario Collector's Con, Mississauga, ON Retro-actively posting an event from January; to be honest, I don't remember much about it. It was just over eleven months ago, yet it feels like a decade has passed. But I do have a picture! So, voilà, Troop #20!
  3. NON-TK Troops: December 19th and December 22nd, 2019—Toronto and London, ON What a year. I hope you all are healthy and well! I wanted to catch up my troop log even though there isn't much happening at the moment. Since this thread is also a troop record for personal use, I hope it's okay if I include some troops where I'm dressed as something else! Of course, I won't count these toward the official tally for badges. Both of these events were premieres for Rise of Skywalker last Christmas. The first was the Canadian premiere in Toronto, and it was super memorable! Ri
  4. Troop #19: November 30th, 2019—Windsor Santa Claus Parade, Windsor, ON One more parade before the year wraps up! This time in Windsor. Great times! Only two more events left this year. Both of them are Rise of Skywalker premieres—I can't believe how quickly that arrived! Happy holidays, all!
  5. Troop #18: November 9th, 2019—London Santa Claus Parade, London, ON A chilly but (thankfully) dry evening to walk through downtown London! We were behind a float with pumping tunes so dancing was abundant. Also, it was a ton of fun to Christmas-ify our costumes. That's me in the back with the Santa hat.
  6. Troops #16 and #17: October 27th, 2019—Hallowe'en Family Fun Day + Halloween Spooktacular, Windsor, ON Jinkies, I have neglected this log! Time to catch up. Two troops back-to-back on October 27th, both in Windsor. I love Halloween. Tons of kids in costumes. Great times! Here is the group shot from Family Fun Day—aaand I missed it, in true stormtrooper-aim fashion. The second photo is proof of my attendance. Imperial family photo. I am the one on the far right. We left Family Fun Day and headed straight over to Malden Park for Windsor's 4th Annual Halloween Spooktac
  7. Hahaa fantastic!! I looove those hand-on-the-head shots. Classic Chewie. Definitely looking forward to next time! And congrats on the armour!! If you need a hand, let me know. AP is a great choice. Though it may get hot in there with all the fur ... [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Troop #15: October 5th and 6th, 2019—London ComicCon, London, ON The convention closest to my hometown of St. Thomas, ON! This was the first time the 501st and sister groups attended this con, and it was awesome to have such a successful showing! Doing Blast-a-Trooper with my bestest-TK-buddy, Pat. Good times, brother! But I'm still gonna stand behind you. Sucker. He paid me back for that when he was out of costume. I also got to test-run my two new costumes for Rebel Legion. Make no mistake, though—UNQUESTIONED LOYALTY! TK first and forever. The first is Plo
  9. Troop #14: September 22nd, 2019—Windsor ComicCon, Windsor, ON I was only able to attend the second day of this, but what a great convention! Awesome turnout of con-goers and costumers, and some folks from the Michigan garrison even came up to join us. Good times! I'm the one on the far right. Some photos from my Blast-a-Trooper shift. Still my favourite thing ever, though I have had to treat a few armour cracks by this point ... "Maybe we can come up with a diplomatic solution?" "Nope, she prefers aggressive negotiations!" And some awesome photos of the rest of th
  10. Troop #13: August 17th, 2019—Aviation Fun Day, Breslau, ON I missed logging this one! Retro-actively adding it. This was an awesome event at the Waterloo airport. People came to look at a bunch of cool jets and hang out with some Star Wars characters. I don't have a ton of photos—there were about 15 characters present—but here are some of me with Han and Chewie. Tons of fun!
  11. Hey everybody! Move tube stripes closer to cheeks The paint dry, I peeled the stencils off and cleaned up the messy bits. I think my first tube stripes were a little nicer, and I may return to these and fiddle with them further, but at least they are the correct distance from the cheek! Extend paint job on tears This was a quick one! I just painted some extra black around the edges, and then filled in with some grey afterwards. Done! And .... that brings me to the end of my list! Now of course, we all know a kit can always be improved further. I appre
  12. Hello again! I accidentally left something off my to-do list from my EIB feedback: General suggestion: Remove excess plastic from ammo belt Remove excess plastic from ammo belt Trimmed that puppy down, sanded, and we're good to go. Squeeze D-ring on E-11 to proper dimensions This is the smallest I can squeeze it—I think it is now good enough, though. It used to extend wider than the butt of the gun itself, but now it's within the dimensions. Bring shoulder bells closer to chestplate/shoulder bridges I had previous
  13. Hi, everybody! Hope you all are doing well. The time has come for me to stop procrastinating and submit for L3. I have been having so much fun trooping, I sort of forgot that my suit wasn't quite finished yet! Seriously, though, I am thirteen troops in and am having SO much fun. This whole journey from construction to costuming has been one of the greatest rides of my life so far. Without further ado, here is a compiled list of the feedback I got on my EIB application. General suggestions: Remove excess paint from one frown tooth Move right ear further back and correct scr
  14. Troop #12: August 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2019—FanExpo Canada, Toronto, ON This is the biggest one of the year for our garrison! TONS of fun. Standing with so many other Star Wars characters never gets old. I am the TK right behind/between Gree and Cody. Forming up for our TK march—which was a BLAST. I'm the fifth one back in this photo. We marched the perimeter of the convention centre, stopping at three points for photos with the public. What was even cooler was riding the freight lift up to the street level. It was dimly-lit with concrete walls, a little wobbly and straight out of
  15. 11 troops in and loving it! Requesting 10-Troop badge, please and thank you! Milestone and troop log: 10th troop date and event: July 8th, 2019 - Weird Al "Strings Attached" Tour, Budweiser Stage, Toronto, ON
  16. Troop #11: July 28th, 2019—Pride London Festival Parade, London, ON My second time in a Pride Parade! Just as fun as the first. Different, though—the giant Toronto parade felt like a party all the way along. The London parade was much more oriented towards families and kids. Both parades were fantastic, but it was a serious joy to see so many young children wearing colourful shirts and yelling "Happy Pride!!" as we walked past. The turnout was super, too. It was awesome to see so much support from all ages. I'm the rainbow-y TK. Here are some other great shots of our squad!
  17. Troop #10: July 8th, 2019—Weird Al "Strings Attached" Tour, Budweiser Stage, Toronto, ON I'm a little late posting this, but here goes! Holy cow, guys. I don't even know where to begin. I'll try not to get too sappy, but this one requires a bit of backstory. I am a HUGE fan of Weird Al. My dad loves him, so my brother and I grew up with his parodies. Naturally, "The Saga Begins" has always been a personal favourite. This is a photo of me with some friends, wearing costumes, performing the song in a talent show when I was about 10 years old. I'm the one in the robes. Since joining t
  18. Woohoo! Congratulations on both your kit order and your health! Welcome to FISD. Post lots of pictures! Tons of great people here with expertise to share. And we all like watching TKs getting put together. Have fun and enjoy the build!
  19. Huh! I never noticed that difference in the shins before. Maybe its an Anovos vs AP thing. Or maybe my shins are backwards. Either way, Ukswrath is the guy to listen to!
  20. Looking gooood! Wrist return edges (or more specifically, lack thereof) are perfect. Those shins are right! Admittedly I did second guess myself and went to check my own shins, but yes, you hve them lined up properly. As far as those little thigh gaps/cracks, as far as I know you don't have to do anything to them and you'll still be fine for all levels of approval. If you want to tidy them up, I hear ABS paste is a popular choice. Personally, I used PlasticWeld, let it dry, sanded and painted it enamel white. I'm also considering making mobility cuts in the back of my shins and th
  21. Looks great!! Nice work on those cover strips. I found the thighs to be one of the harder parts, yours turned out beautifully! Looks like you've still got some return edge left on your biceps and forearms, at least on the elbow-side—you may find that uncomfortable, return edges can dig into the skin something nasty. Ultimately it is your call—the "thicker armour" does look cool—but many troopers elect to remove most, or even all, of those edges for the sake of mobility and comfort. You certainly don't need any return edge on the "outer" biceps, because the shoulder bells will be covering t
  22. Troop #9: July 1st, 2019—Canada Day Parade, Windsor, ON Happy Canada Day! Parades are so much fun. We got the go-ahead to decorate ourselves for the occasion, so here's my take on the Canadian TK. I love this photo. High-fives are half the reason we do this, right? :-) And some great shots of the parade and of my fellow troopers! And lastly, here's us all squished into an elevator after leaving our change room. Imperial ... efficiency!
  23. Troop #8: June 23rd, 2019—Toronto Pride Parade 2019, Toronto, Ontario HOLY COW this was a fun troop. It was my first time attending a Pride event, and I can't wait to go back next year. We were guests of FanExpo, who also had the Rebel Legion, Ghostbusters group and other Ontario cosplayers represented in our section. The weather was sunny and dry but hot. We were waiting outdoors and in-suit for upwards of two hours before our section of the parade started moving, but it was well worth it. The handlers were incredible, keeping us hydrated and getting us from place to place (which was no ea
  24. Troop #6: June 2nd, 2019—Autism Speaks Canada Walk, H. B. Beal Secondary School, London, Ontario No pictures for this troop, sadly. A great cause and a great afternoon, though! The weather was perfect for the teams to walk around the school track. Troop #7: June 19th, 2019—Teddy Bear Picnic, London Children's Hospital, Ontario Another good visit to the London Children's Hospital. I'm the one on the right. On the left this time. Aaaand some Imperial fun with a photo booth!
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