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  1. time to start assembling the armor!!
  2. i have trimmed the ear bars and repainted the tube stripes exact no.2 pencil spacing
  3. Thank You ! I have since trimmed the ears way down and left the gap.Also i do have the original tips that came with the kit thank you for the heads up!
  4. hahaha i will make sure i am fully clothed in the next pics! it wasn't easy to pull those ears back apart strip the silicone and sand down the high spots and re paint the ear section of the helmet!difficult to blend in to the existing paint job on the helmet
  5. Heres a few pics of my first attempt ! I started with Helmet first it is a TKUK 3 piece kit let me know if i need any adjustments made . Id like to go right for Centerion approval. I appreciate any and all suggestions
  6. Question do i have to start a build thread in order to be approved?
  7. I also just purchased a tkuk kit 2018.Does your kit have the three piece bucket?
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