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  1. Thank you for the replies on this. I still haven't riveted the faceplate and cap/back yet - I still don't have a flatten profile on the bottom but I haven't done any trimming either. In order to get close on the bottom I lose the larger TD gap at the brow. That suggests to me I should trim the cap at the brow. Is this correct? I haven't seen that in any of the tutorials. Also, I've trimmed out the first ear and its fitting pretty good prior to installing. Does it look ok? It's width matches pretty close to my Anovos. The top of the ear does sit a little higher than some of the reference images I have (breaks into the brow line). Thanks for the help.
  2. Greetings, troopers. Question regarding faceplate/dome alignment. I'm 10 days into building my new MTK from Trooperbay. I have 90% trimmed and now have some questions regarding the helmet. Last year I built my first kit which was an Anovos ANH stunt but the helmet came preassembled to this is my first helmet build. I feel pretty good about the eyes and teeth but I'm nervous/confused by the assembly of the faceplate and dome. The bottoms (tubes) just don't seem to align well. Will the ears really hide this? Also, the bottom profile is hardly flat like my Anovos (last image). I do know I have more to trim off the bottom of both pieces. Is that how I flatten the bottom profile out? Thanks for the help! My Anovos helmet:
  3. Congrats and welcome! That pic is awesome!
  4. ANH Stunt joining the North Texas Squad of the Star Garrison. Very excited to be apart of the 501st and looking forward to trooping with everyone.
  5. TK10726 (hirerob) requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31470
  6. Looks awesome! The Instructables post is mine. I think I did that in 2009, long before I was aware of the 501st and getting armor for myself. I’ve just finished my Anovos ANH stunt TK and looking forward to submitting soon. Thanks for including a link to my post. I originally did not post templates but someone else added some a couple years ago but maybe they deleted the links. Anyway, good luck with your kit when you get it. Cheers, Rob wow just realized the original post was from 4 years ago. Oops.
  7. Question about the Centurion abdominal top right side snap (nonfunctional): Does it have to be a pop snap or can it be a line 24? Or does it need to just match the rest of whatever the rest of the snaps used on the abdomen? Thanks.
  8. Looking for feedback on the Anovos supplied strap for cod to posterior. Is this ok for centurion or do I need to remake with single snap on strap? Thanks.
  9. Hello! I've started to look at the belt. According to Ukswrath's instructions, to reach Centurion the belt needs to be replaced with one like Kittle sells but I can't tell what the difference is between it and the one Anovos supplied. Pictures below. Thanks.
  10. So the idea is to remove the return completely not to leave even the slightest of “finishing curve” edge? On the outside of the forearm with the “row of squares” (not sure what you call that) you cut it so it’s open on the end not closed? Does that make sense the way I’m describing it?
  11. All trimmed and ready to start fitting. And, my E11 M38 from Praetorian Blasters came Monday! Also, Ukswrath's Anovos TK build instructions says for L3 approval the return edge needs to be removed on the lower edge of the forearms and shins. Does anyone have a reference photo of this they can post? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. The only part of the kit that was preassembled was the helmet. I'm 6' 1" and about 195 lbs. The parts of the armor I've trimmed so far seem like they should work fine but obviously time will tell. I've sent two emails to The Star Garrison of Texas without any reply but I just registered on their forum and hopefully that gets me in contact with someone there. I'm also going to an event tomorrow where they are scheduled to be so hopefully I can meet some of them and get some direct feedback. That said, I appreciate yall's feedback here and am excited to keep making progress on my kit.
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