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  1. I lined everything up straight but the upper thighs rotate after time ... I will try the foam blocks, I think that work best
  2. I’m going to be getting together with a local garrison member in my area and he is going to help me with pictures and submit them so I know under is guidance and help we can get the armor up to snuff. I have ave to practice more because I can’t get this armor on by myself lol
  3. Thanks for the info on how to post pictures this will help. I didn’t even think about foam.
  4. Redcoat 35

    Thigh Armor

    Hello Fellow TK’s I received my Armor from RS Propmasters and I have a question about the thighs. Are the thighs suppose to be form fitting to the leg ? or is there suppose to be a gap between your thigh and the Armor for movement ? The gap is wide enough on either leg to fit my hand down inside. If it’s suppose to be form fitting can this be tweaked to fit closer to my thigh ? Unfortunately I can’t post pictures for some reason
  5. Fantastic gives me a great idea how to build mine Thank You Where do you get extra straps Trooperbay ?
  6. Thank you for sharing thats the one I am going to get
  7. I did not even think about spare snaps on the list now
  8. Thank you the reply Frank75139 I have to check out the Huskey Bin and pick one up.. I just like being ready for anything that could happen lol
  9. I just saw this and see the last post was in 2017.. how is everyone doing on their goals ??
  10. Hello Fellow Troopers I was wondering what kind of plastic bins Troopers use to pack armor in on their way to a Troop ? and what kind of stuff is carried to Repair and clean TK Armor if your not doing a TD Impression.
  11. Hello Peter Welcome to this site, this is the best place to get help on Armor. I’m a new member and it was a good year and half before I bought any armor. After lots of Research and talking to members on this site I finally broke down and bought A New Hope Stunt Armor from RS Prop Masters. Good luck and take your time with your research Peter
  12. As of right now ANH Stunt TK Stormtrooper Non SW I'm a Military Re-enactor also, so here is my LH ( Living History Impression's) French and Indian War British Regular 35th Regiment of Foot Revolutionary War British Regular 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers British Regular 24th Foot WW1 British Infantry ( Tommy) Royal Welsh Fusiliers South Wales Borderers The Welsh Regiment Royal Irish Regiment WW2 3rd Infantry Division 7th Regiment Big Red One 16th Regiment 101st Airborne Division 327th Glider Infantry Regiment German Wehmacht 58th Infantry Division GroBdeutschland GD
  13. The Hearing Assist Came the other day and I mounted it in the bucket. I drilled two holes under the rubber brow but the microphone are thicker then I thought and scared to drill the holes any wider to glue them in luckily you can’t see the holes with brow covering them. So I mounted the mics on the inside by the frown but I can’t hear with the ear buds and when fans on because the mics are close to the fan so if I want to hear then I turn fans off. If I want to stay cool I turn the fans on.
  14. Your products made the inside of my bucket 100 percent better ukswrath Thank you for offering awesome accessories
  15. Thank you its good to be back Congrats on getting your TIE Build approved You will like doing TK also
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