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  1. Hello Troopers So I can't fit anymore in my Bucket unfortunately and have to put UKSWRATH Hearing assist in another bucket but I was on Amazon and saw a pair of Medca Digital Hearing Amplifiers with USB Charging dock for 42 dollars The Hearing Amplifiers go behind your ear with the ear dome going in your ear.. I am not sure if these will work well or not but was wondering if anyone tried something like that before Peter Bond TK-17570
  2. I was just wondering if anyone has tried Digital Hearing Amplifiers under their Bucket ? They go behind the ear and then then the ear buds go in the ear
  3. I tried posting a picture of me in my bucket but not able to
  4. Roger that, So that's also known as S seal.. ( I feel dumb now lol) for some reason I feel like I should of known that.. I was was of thinking about placing the mics there because I am a little scared about drilling hole in the bucket but was not sure how well it would pick up the sound from the outside because it near the back then I saw your comment while searching white armor.. My Birthday is this Friday and my gift to myself will be ordering a new hearing Assist for another Bucket coming from RS. Thanks Tony Peter
  5. That is a Pretty cool you guys do that in Spain
  6. I been wearing mine out in public here in NY since March.... I was very popular in Lowes, Target, Hannafords I stopped using UKSWRATH Hovi Mic with the ICOMM hooked up for the tome being the Volume wheel go's to max and then I get loud feed back I have to move things around ...... but yes People love it
  7. Hello Tony I know this is an old post but finally installing your Hearing Assist I bought last year and I was wondering where is the lower S seal of the Helmet ? Is that the Back of the helmet ? point the mics towards the back of your neck ? Peter Bond TK 17570
  8. Thank You TKSpartan I'm going to be ordering my kit soon so I am sure I will be asking questions and the TK ANH I had built by RS will be a good model to look at
  9. Thank You again TK-30173
  10. Thank You Chemi for your reply My fellow Brother and Sisters on white armor are great Troopers and know will there to help if need it
  11. Hello Thanks for getting back to me the only thing I have experienced in building and painting is Military Models ( Planes, Tanks, Jeeps and Halftracks ) but I know Armor is a Bigger beast then building 1/35 scale Models lol Do you need a 2nd person to help with measurements and sizing ? Peter
  12. Hello Everyone So RS Props is having a Sale on a TK Armor Kit which I would love to buy and build another TK but I am little nervous because I never built Armor before and don't want to be an expensive mistake if I screw up. Just wondering is building armor is semi easy to build ? Peter Bond TK-17570
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