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  1. Costumes: TK - Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt Name: Peter Bond Member ID: TK 17570 Member Since: January 2020 URL : Classified information (private) Garrison (rank): New York: Garrison Excelsior ( ) Profile updated: January 24, Can I get 501st access
  2. Hello Troopers So I can't fit anymore in my Bucket unfortunately and have to put UKSWRATH Hearing assist in another bucket but I was on Amazon and saw a pair of Medca Digital Hearing Amplifiers with USB Charging dock for 42 dollars The Hearing Amplifiers go behind your ear with the ear dome going in your ear.. I am not sure if these will work well or not but was wondering if anyone tried something like that before Peter Bond TK-17570
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has tried Digital Hearing Amplifiers under their Bucket ? They go behind the ear and then then the ear buds go in the ear
  4. I tried posting a picture of me in my bucket but not able to
  5. Roger that, So that's also known as S seal.. ( I feel dumb now lol) for some reason I feel like I should of known that.. I was was of thinking about placing the mics there because I am a little scared about drilling hole in the bucket but was not sure how well it would pick up the sound from the outside because it near the back then I saw your comment while searching white armor.. My Birthday is this Friday and my gift to myself will be ordering a new hearing Assist for another Bucket coming from RS. Thanks Tony Peter
  6. That is a Pretty cool you guys do that in Spain
  7. I been wearing mine out in public here in NY since March.... I was very popular in Lowes, Target, Hannafords I stopped using UKSWRATH Hovi Mic with the ICOMM hooked up for the tome being the Volume wheel go's to max and then I get loud feed back I have to move things around ...... but yes People love it
  8. Hello Tony I know this is an old post but finally installing your Hearing Assist I bought last year and I was wondering where is the lower S seal of the Helmet ? Is that the Back of the helmet ? point the mics towards the back of your neck ? Peter Bond TK 17570
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