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  1. I will post some pictures tomorrow when the wife is home to take them.
  2. Hello Troopers Today was an exciting day for me my RS Propmasters ANH TK Full Commison Armor arrived. Everything fits well except for the upper thighs they length is a little long it go’s below it hits my knee and can’t bend the knee. I contacted RS this evening of the problem and waiting for a reply I’m hoping it’s an easy fix andshorting the straps may be the fix. Hopimg to be trooping soon peter TK-0007
  3. Hello I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the force is in my favor lol I will keep you all posted when it arrives Peter
  4. Requesting Access just ordered my RS Armor full commission should be done in three more weeks My ID number is 0007
  5. Hello I see that the last message was in 2016 just found this thread searching through white armor I just Ordered a Full Commission TK from RS back on 9/21/19 and they stated 8 weeks for a complete build... I am into week 5 and I am getting excited more with every passing day.. I just hope I did my measurements right. I ordered helmet pads, UKWRATHS Fans and bracket, UKWRATHS Hearing Aid, E-6000 glue and static burst from Trooper Tramp. cant wait to start building the helmet inside Peter Bond TK-0007
  6. Hello Sgt Thank You for replying and I have contacted my local Garrison which is ( Garrison Excelsior) and have been talking to Airborne Trooper .
  7. Thank You for the info I will contact them shortly...
  8. Will anyone be attending any events in Albany New York ? I am going to be Ordering my TK stormtrooper armor from RS prop master and when it comes I would like to start attending events... Peter
  9. Shop is closed until June so I will wait till they open
  10. Hello Everyone So I looked into buying A pair of TK Boots and unfortunately they are sold out in my size. I typed in White Stormtrooper Boot in google and saw that Amazon had a pair of Funtasma men's Trooper Boot in my size just wondering if anyone is familiar with the Boots sold on Amazon ?
  11. Thanks for the info and I didn't think about the bathroom aspect lol. I guess the 2 piece would be better then for me lol
  12. I'm going with AM so I will email them with link you sent. Also I'm going to purchase all my soft things 1st ( Undersuit, Gloves and Neck Seal. I see for undersuit some get the full body suit with zipper others get shirt and bottoms. Do fellow troopers favor one over the other ?
  13. Ok I have decided to go with AM Armor because of my body size. When I type In Stormtrooper AM Armor Stormtrooper Store ( Atlanta Ga) comes up. Then I saw on the form of vendors to stay away from and I saw someone posted stay away from Stormtrooper shop. Are they both the same ? Right now I'm interested in buying the Bodysuit, Neckseal and gloves
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