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  1. Starting off my TK Troop Log....Long Live the Empire! TROOP 001 Annual Community Thanksgiving Drive-Thru 11-23-2020 Giving out Free Thanksgiving Dinners and FLU SHOTS!!!!
  2. Here you go... (was on set yesterday so I couldn't take more pics till today)
  3. Name: KC Grim Username: KC Grim TK-57899 Southern California Garrison Los Angeles Squad Armor maker: Anovos - Fully Custom built by Ardashir Radpour and me Helmet Maker: Anovos - Fully Custom built by Ardashir Radpour and me Blaster Type" E-11 made by Pretorian - Fully customized Hight: 5'10" Weight: 160lbs Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: Custom Made Hand Plates: Trooper Bay Rubber Latex Plates Electronics: Xiaokoa Wireless Mic, Wireless connect to Aker Amp, Aker Speaker, Self made custom fans and battery system Neck Seal: Stormtrooper Undersuit. molded piping Holster: Anovos Undersuit: Lycra Motorcycle race undersuit.
  4. Posted in wrong spot...reposted in EIB Submittal area
  5. For my first foray into the TK world, 6 of us did an amazing patrol Halloween night in downtown Culver City. Keep the area Rebel free and handed out 2500 pieces of candy. you can see a video of the patrol on my FB page (KC Grim) and on the SCG FB page. Had a ton of fun and only discovered one pinch point that I have already taken care of. Looking forward to officially TK trooping. Was a bit less comfortable than my Scout, but definitely doable.
  6. Hello all, Biker Scout who recently got his TK armor approved and am ready to mix it up with the F.I.S.D...... Looking forward to not sitting at troops. TK-57899
  7. TK-57899 Requesting full access to the FISD... Thank you!!. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31016
  8. Me too... Submitted pics today
  9. Thank you very much... Submittal pics should be taken monday. I have the aid of a very well versed TK assisting with my build... massively assisting, so confidence os high on the approval process. We arte building with the intent of going for Centurion right after basic approval.
  10. Thank you.... Sitting is overrated. anyway... Who needs to sit when you are trooping? It's all about the smiles we bring.
  11. Thank you... Very happy to be joining the ranks.... Of course being a TK is something we all have wanted since the first frame of them storming into the Rebel Blockade runner hit our eyes... so this is another dream being fulfilled. Plus as recognizable as TK's are, it will add to the efforts of bringing smiles to kids faces... no matter how old they are. :P
  12. Hello all. I’m a Biker Scout that is going to moonlight as a TK. Nearly finished with the armor and should be submitting next week. I’m in the Southern California Garrison, LA Squad. Looking forward to not sitting down or seeing. :)
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