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  1. Ok, so honestly there are only really 2 issues I can see, and it might be more for Centurion and not EIB, but good to fix them now if needed. Your TD is rotated too much "upward". you should be able to see the "button" in the picture above. may just need to roll it down some and "pinch" the bracket closed a little more. Second is the butt plate, where you have your snaps are set. that part of the plate should actually come off, and the be set just above that. I figured you did it room as you are a bigger trooper, but again, looking at the photo above, you don't need it. removing it will help with comfort as well. I have a feeling that trooping with that "tab" still on the armor may get uncomfortable. Again these are just some things that have stuck out to me, and may not be required fixes for EIB. At the end of the day its up to Tony and Joseph to give you the title. Hope this helps not only reach EIB, but Centurion soon after!
  2. Welcome to the true home of the shiny white! you have come to the right place, and will be trooping before you know it. If you have any questions at all please ask. As far as the strapping system, I suggest the double snap system. You can find a workup on it from @justjoseph63. anything comes up just let us know
  3. I think you could source all that by yourself for a less. and the "strapping kit" isn't required for any level here. I have snaps and elastic on mine and it will not prevent me from Centurion.
  4. This is great, and a great first step to your finished build. If I may, you should head over to www.501st.com and read up on them a little. But for a quick rundown, we are a world wide costuming group that has movie and reference accurate costumes from the Star Wars universe. We are recognized by LucasFilm to have such accurate costumes and are often recruited by them (Disney) for promotional events. 501st Legion prides itself in being giving! We assist everyone we can in raising money for charity. We do things like Star Wars related "Make a Wish" foundation, Visit hospitals, and show up to premier events for new Star Wars movies. The 501st is so much more than Cons and is currently sitting at 13,481 active members with 26,076 approved costumes. I have only been apart of the Legion since June, and can tell you the feelings I have gotten over the events we have done is simply amazing. Seeing those that don't get to see anything other than the inside of a hospital rooms face light up when they see us is next to none. Having grown adults absolutely flip when they see you is great. The smiles and joy the 501st brings to people is something I wanted to be a part of for a very long time. Hopefully I have at least peaked your interest and have pushed you to look into it a little more. Getting to know your local Squad/Garrison can be a huge help when you need some hands on assistance during your build.
  5. Sounds good. Looking forward to watching you fix everything. Going to be some work but nothing too crazy
  6. Great write up Eric, and I am glad to see your driven. I cant wait to see where you go from here, and to watch you grow as a trooper.
  7. This sounds great. and so you know, there are a lot of things within the "preferred" area that will not keep you from obtaining Centurion. We want our troopers to look as best as possible, but like Joseph mentioned, we totally understand and recognize that not all troopers are built the same. This is also why NO armor kit is 501st approved. Armor is only approved in conjunction with the wearer. A kit is not approvable on its own. When talking to your Garrison mate, the one that's on the approval team, be sure he knows that your end game is Centurion. He may be telling you "Ya that will work" but merely talking about basic, which may cause you to do something that will require even more work later down the road for Centurion. If you start out with Centurion in mind, set that as your goal, it makes the build a lot easier. Basic can be achieved with a rushed kit. Centurion takes just a little more work, and time, and a touch of love for the Empire, and you will be there. Just keep it coming, let the photos flow, and we will get you there. No problem is too big to handle.
  8. Hey Gary, a lot has happened since the last time I posted here. I see several problems with your armor. First off, the snaps on the butt plate are wrong, but that's not really an issue as soon as I tell you the other problem. Where you have those snaps set in, needs to come off. Take the entire return off the butt. you can see the edge the runs the entire part and that is where the cut line is. staying with the butt plate, yes that line from the kidney notch should line up with the butt plate. For any other questions, please post more pics and we can get that TK approved!
  9. Welcome! Just remember to take it slow, and ask any and all questions you may have!
  10. I like the sound of that better. You WILL make Centurion, its hard work but will be worth it. I am headed that way, already EIB, but have had a few other builds in the way so have been doing that. Good luck and please ask questions!!!
  11. I don't wear anything under, as its not required unless you have long hair or facial hair that might be seen. Also I turn my fans on for a little bit before putting my bucket on and I find that helps get the air going inside the helmet, once I have it on there really is no issue with fogging, and I sweat quite a bit
  12. Ok awesome. just making sure. its amazing what removing the small return edges can do to fitment. Looks great so far. keep us posted!
  13. Ok, have you taken the return edge off the wrist side of the forearms? that will affect the fitment as well. if you leave it till the last minute you will find that the armor may be too lose and wont fit right. then your gonna have to play with stuffing it with foam
  14. If you can, post pictures directly into your thread, not a link. This makes it easier for us to all see it, and we don't need to worry about where the link is going to take us. Also, the only part of the entire armor that has anything to do with return edges are the forearms, and that is that the edges cant be on the wrist side. Besides that everything else can go or stay, depending on fitment and comfort. Just because the are in references doesn't mean they are required. Follow the CRL, that's all that matters
  15. it was more of a general "today people just aren't thinking" than it was about TKs. we typically stay on top of any issues with TKs here within the forum. most times the ones that have really messed up are because the listened to someone outside of the forum (and generally aren't even an approved TK) and then they come here so we can help them fix it. most problems are overcome by this group, but it seems that people are more and more not caring enough or just don't know where to go, and so they just throw something together and it looks horrible
  16. Bahaha! figured that would be a given. but in todays world, its not lol.
  17. yeah, I just looked at some build threads and they are all over the place. I guess esthetically they look great lined up, but when a project is rushed as in the films, it makes sense.
  18. If I may, when you retake your photos for approval (you wont be approved with the gap in the openings like you show, everything needs to be closed up) make sure who ever is taking the photos looks you over before each one. Typically it is best to have an Approved TK take these as they know exactly what to look for. but be sure whoever is doing it, looks at all you "lines". Your arms are a bit off, the ridge that runs from the should all the way down to the hand plates should line up when your taking your side view pictures. Most of your other issues seem to have been addressed for basic. shouldn't be hard to fix and should be easily approved once done.
  19. Huh. mine doesn't do that. In fact this is the first set of armor I have seen (or noticed at least) with that. I need to go back and look at others lol. thanks for the heads up.
  20. Huh, the brow looks pretty good to me. but its your bucket! Either one is acceptable and will allow you to reach centurion level. its all about what you like. I think generally the "off white" is more screen accurate because the material used was weathered. but again, its yours, so go with either: what you can. What is easy to get. or what is cheaper lol
  21. Stacy, welcome to the FISD and congrats on your armor arriving. Please keep up updated as much as possible, and use my motto of "ask before act" meaning ask questions, tons of them. even if you think you know what your doing, ask. this can help all of us by learning through teaching. we are going to get you approved trooper! good luck and remember, HAVE FUN!
  22. sorry but this is wrong, lol. Approval day is so much better than BBB, but BBB is a good second haha!
  23. I am slightly confused and would hope you can help explain a little better. You said your cover strips are 42mm wide?!?!? wow! I am also 6 1 and have a heavier build, and used the recommended withers for cover strips. I still think starting a build thread is feasible as it can prevent any mistakes you still may make. but its up to you obviously. regardless we are here to help you achieve the best armor you can come out with, cant wait to see the photos
  24. I used the snaps on my belt. My thought is that it will be easy to pop the belt off for repairs if needed. I have pulled on the belt quite a bit to insure it wont just pop off. but yes it is a concern and ideally a more permanent fix should be used. also, as far as the method that you do use, this is not one of those things that is checked for Centurion level, so no matter what you do, it wont effect the approval!
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