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  1. Listening to myself recorded on my GoPro, and asking my brother to listen to me as well. He said he could make out my voice over the amp from across his bedroom.
  2. What system? Aker 10w amp and TrooperTalk, if that's what you're asking. I'm wondering if lining my helmet with something like this would make a difference.
  3. The mic is just about brushing my lips, I've got the direction right too. I'm using the recommended ALZO splitter cable. The amp is pretty loud, my voice is just easily heard for some reason.
  4. With the basic build finished, I'm struggling with the voice. I'm using the 10w Aker amp/mic and TrooperTalk. It sounds good, but even with my phone and amp volumes nearly maxed, my natural voice can still be heard over the amp somewhat. If anyone has any ideas for what to do to dampen my voice, possibly some sort of helmet insulation or something, I'm all ears.
  5. So I'm really bad at updating... >.> How bad you ask? I basically finished it.
  6. I tried the hot water bath treatment on the butt and kidney plate and bent them in a bit. It was tricky as they were both far too large to fully submerge in the large pot I was using. I ended up taking some rope and tying it around the pieces, pulling it tight to hold the pieces bent inwards. I dipped one end in at a time. I had some success with it, they're curved in a bit more than before. The butt plate might need to go a little bit further maybe. Before After It's progress, at any rate. In other news, I got an email from RS Propmasters, they tried to ship my missing helmet pieces but apparently the package came back with a "return to sender" sticker on it. It was shipped to the same address as the last one, so no idea what that's all about. Looks like my helmet will be delayed further. I did get a lot of other pieces like an undersuit, neck seal, holster, cloth belt, and gloves. I've got boots on order... Still need to order snaps, rivets, rivet installer tool thingy, and elastic. And I think I need to learn how to sew. Oh and a blaster. I'll be needing one of those at some point. This is not a cheap hobby!
  7. Are there any guides on ABS bending with a hot water bath? I can see plenty of posts talking about baths, but no guides on actually doing it. I'd hate to wing it and screw this up.
  8. Do you have any photos of the tab system you used? I’m concerned that without any trimming, the torso will still be too big on me and look wrong. As for the butt plate, I’m thinking it might look better once it’s strapped into place, it’s just hanging loose right now.
  9. Alright folks, I made a hardware store run today. Got metal wire, screws and nuts for making torso brackets, and although I didn't find gaffer tape, I did pick up a roll of 3m no residue tape and I'm pretty impressed with it. I taped the chest plate, ab plate, back plate, kidney plate and butt plate together and took some photos. The thing that was immediately obvious to me was that, given my toothpick-like build, the butt plate and kidney plate are too wide. (The ab plate seems to fit me fine in the front though.) I thought I could either trim it down, or use heat to curve it in more. The problem with using heat, though, is that I'm already getting overlap at the kidney plate and ab plate. If I bend it in, the overlap will get worse. I've never done this before so I may be wrong, but I'm thinking it's going to have to trim down (along with some heat bending as well?) That's going to cost me my kidney plate notches, though. I also later noticed that the tape on my back spells "tit". That was a fun coincidence.
  10. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, I'll get some gaffer's tape (the painters tape isn't holding very well) and stick it together and see what I've got.
  11. So I'm a thin dude. 5'9" and 120lbs. I don't expect my height to be much of an issue but my weight might. I'm very thin and the limbs might need some mods. I haven't even got to that point though. Just trying to get the torso to fit first. I don't know how to strap this with things appearing to misalign so much right off the bat.
  12. So I'm trying to figure out how the torso pieces go together, and the back plate and kidney plate look really funky. The bottom corners of the back plate are touching the kidney plate. They curve down so the back plate doesn't have a flat bottom. Am I correct in thinking I need to cut the corners off completely so the bottom of the back plate is flat? I don't see how it'll ever sit flat against the kidney plate if I don't, but it seems odd that they would be designed this way if those corners weren't meant to be there.
  13. My armor kit showed up today, I laid it all out on a pool table and, unsurprisingly, felt quite overwhelmed with it. There's so many pieces! https://i.imgur.com/Uvon9t5.jpg I'm excited to get started on it, though. It looks good. Unfortunately I appear to be missing quite a bit from the helmet kit. I've got the face mask, and helmet part, as well as the two ears, but that was all I got. I reached out to RS Prop Masters to inquire about all the missing bits, hopefully they won't take too long to reply.
  14. Really? I thought sweat would still be an issue. Obviously this is one of many things I’ll need to look into more
  15. Thanks for the kind words and info fellas. So I passed of RS’s strapping kit because $130 for some straps seemed silly. Turns out that also includes the canvas belt, hand guards and gloves, which seems an odd thing to make part of the strapping kit but now the price makes more sense. I’ll have to source those elsewhere, which is fine as I’d like something a little friendlier than the solid rubber gloves. I’m still a ways off from having to worry too much about that yet.
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