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  1. Couple of things, some questions. First, great job on the frown, now if I may add, paint the tips of the hovi mics white. this is to show "weathering" and is screen accurate. next is your ab section. it looks twisted. if you notice on your cod piece there is a ridge that runs from the bottom to under the belt, and then appears again on the top side of your ab button plate. that doesn't line up. did you separate you cod from your abs, or is it just warped??
  2. Will probably just need to take the return off them. that's what I did to mine and they are perfect!
  3. hmm. not sure what to tell you buddy. Im sure your phone will work. but im not one for the Iphone. Maybe some of my buddies will jump in here soon and be able to help you out. @justjoseph63 or @ukswrath, either of you help out?
  4. oh that's why. its much easier on a computer. not sure how to do the link on the phone.
  5. Hello and welcome! if you can, update your profile to show us where you are from. Often times this will lead to you being put in touch with someone that is close by and may be able to help you out in person! Also look to your local garrison to get in on some armor parties, and maybe even able to help out at events! Good luck and hold on, its a wild right
  6. When you click "generate link" select the 3rd option I believe. it should say something about direct link to forums or something. your just copying the link, and its not displaying the photo. don't get frustrated. just take your time
  7. Use Imgur, its super easy. Search the "how to post photos" here in the forum it will help you out
  8. Dude! my heart just dropped...Why not go for Centurion?!?!?! They don't measure the cover strips, like Joseph said "Ideally" but not mandatory. the armor is built to the wearer, and we understand 100% that some are required to make some extra material for fitment, but don't let that stop you from reaching Centurion. I would request that you change your attitude right here, right now. YOU WILL BE A CENTURION LEVEL TROOPER! and we can help get you there. Keep these questions coming, its why we are here!
  9. Jordan Tindol 21523 Letter Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/21523-eib.png
  10. Its not going to be specifically in the CRL. but i will tell you the paint between the teeth needs to be removed (you may have done that already and not posted pics) and i believe the Teeth need more squared corners, Again might not be in the CRL, but can be requested by the DOs. You build it the way that you like, then submit the photos, and see where it goes. honestly the things im talking about can be fixed now, or if they pass then you good, or if they request to be fixed at submission, its the same amount of work. There are more important things that would take so much more work later on, but this isnt one of them (overlap to butt joint contruction being one of them). I honestly wouldnt stress too much about it, just get your kit completely built to the CRL (Blue) and then submit photos. one step at a time and we will get you there, promise we wont let you fail.
  11. Actually i believe it is. The teeth need to be cut as shown, and the gray paint cant go to the top, it should never leave the teeth. I have seen several told to fix this during their EIB approval. BUT, the great thing is that you will be notified during your EIB submission of anything needing fixed for Centurion, so you wont be caught off guard about it
  12. ah yes, excuse me. thought this was a Centurion post. you are both correct that the drop boxes wont matter here. but when you apply for Centurion that wont fly.
  13. I think your biceps can come up a bit. also your drop boxes need to be fixed and photos retaken.
  14. I didn't use E6000 at all in my build. I used Amazing Goop, but its basically the same thing. so yes E6000 would be what to use. This way you can easily remove the strap later if needed.
  15. Im with Wook on this one. elastic will be better for mobility, I just glued mine in. that part of the arm you are going to want to be flexible for when you are reaching out and such. it may all just depend on how tight the armor already is as well.
  16. It would depend on the "reshaping" because you can change the overall look, which may not allow you to be approved. it really shouldn't be an issue unless its just bothering you that much. I wouldn't touch it, but that's just me.
  17. HAHAHA!!! you have never heard of the TK waddle?!?!? yeah that's gonna happen. you just have to walk with your legs out a bit. Or take the return edge off and make them tighter
  18. If i might ask, why would you want them adjustable? once they are on at the right place, they dont need to move from there. Most people either put snaps with an elastic band running between the 2 parts, or glue the parts together. If you go look through the pre approval threads, or the WIP threads you should see tons of pictures of this.
  19. I put mind about even with the top and bottom. any edges. the tricky ones are on the legs, there are some that should not go all the way, depending on which part. Also need to check on the corners, I cant remember if they are to be cut rounded or at an angle like you have yours.
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