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  1. grimacingpeon

    Grim's ANH Stunt MTK Build

    I've gotten to spend a few hours over the weekend trimming more pieces. Boots are in the mail on the way from the UK. The game plan at this point is to start cutting cover strips and reshape the left forearm slightly. Hopefully I'll get to start gluing some of the pieces together during week. Here is an updated picture of what I've done over the last 4 days since receiving the kit.
  2. grimacingpeon

    Grim's ANH Stunt MTK Build

    Up early again this morning, doing some work on the shin guards and pre-assembled with some painter's tape. I'm going to use the belt sander for trimming up return edges on this go around. Now onto shoulder bells.....
  3. grimacingpeon

    Grim's ANH Stunt MTK Build

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! In response to what you said Gree, I am shooting for L3 (centurion) so any insight with regards to that process going forward is much appreciated! I went ahead and moved onto the biceps. So far I'm really enjoying working with this kit. Once again this is an MTK kit. I've purchased several other items in advance from Trooperbay.com. I've had nothing but good experiences thus far... The ABS is much thicker than the previous eBay kit, so I've had to modify my techniques. The ABS doesn't snap off as easily, so I'm scoring, bending, then scoring the "bend" mark on the inside of the cut. It's more time consuming but my lines are coming out wonderfully. Here are a few pictures. I've decided I'm going to keep trimming pieces before starting to assemble anything. I used Zap-a-Gap and Zip Kicker on the first kit. I'm not sure if I'm going to be using E6000 on this build or not. Since I'm shooting for centurion, I'd like to make it as pristine as possible and not have any glue-runs like I have previously.
  4. grimacingpeon

    Grim's ANH Stunt MTK Build

    So tonight I began by starting with the forearms. I trimmed all return edges at the wrist and took care of most of the return edge at the upper forearm butt connections. I used a belt sander for the upper return edges. As I used painters tape to see how things were lining up, I discovered that the left forearm has a different shape than the right (which I know is to be expected), but I'm finding it to be an altogether odd fit. It's tight at the upper forearm and large at the wrist... there doesn't seem to be much of a taper because of how the inner forearm bulges outward. (See pic) I'm going to need to trim more of the return edge, but can someone give me any advice here? I know there is plenty of room, but the shape just isn't natural at all on the left forearm... the right seems to be just fine. Here they are side by side... Aside from trimming more of the return edge, what else should I consider? Heat gun or hot water bath to alter the overall shape? Any advice is apreciated!
  5. grimacingpeon

    Grim's ANH Stunt MTK Build

    Hey all! This is my first attempt at ever publicly documenting a project that I'm working on. Long story short, I have a friend in the 501st who encouraged me to build a stormtrooper kit some time ago. Eventually I purchased a (super) cheap kit on eBay. Months went by and I finally decided to put the kit together about 2 weeks ago. I had never visited white armor.net and had never done any research on the matter, so I didn't know any better than to buy what I did. As I started sinking a lot of time into the kit and as I began to read more and more posts on this forum, I realized that I was working with absolute CRAP and certainly a recast. The ABS was warped in many places and was so thin that the zip kicker I was using would cause the ABS to crack and deform (even when used at a distance). I now know how much time and energy goes into making a proper kit, so I decided to start over completely... Just like the Empire had to rebuild the Death Star, here I am 2 weeks later and my NEW kit from MTK just arrived. Needless to say, I am chomping at the bit and am eager to get started. My goal is to have the kit completely finished and approved in time for Star Wars Celebration in April. I am sure I will have questions along the way and would much appreciate any advice/tips and constructive criticism. Thanks in advance!