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  1. Wow. Wonderful work. I’m going to have to build a TK for my two little ones.
  2. hahaha... we're multiplying! It's truly a small world. Thank you!
  3. I am planning to make the canvas belt (I just need to find canvas and do more research on the correct colour), holster and neckseal. My goal is to do as much as I can, while learning new skills. The space packs look so cool. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Feb 17th 2019. Garrison Armour Party. I'm so lucky to be have some amazing TK's in my garrison who took time to help me figure things out.
  5. I figured it's time to start my build thread, which I'm hoping will keep me on track. My BBB day was on January 03, 2019! Woohoo!! My goal is to try to make as much as I can, as I love the challenge and it keeps me busy. I have been lurking around FISD for sometime and I do have to say there is some amazing information within the forum. Started: January 17th, 2019 UPDATE: April 13, 2019 LIST: Armour: WTF (Trimmed) Balaclava: Have (Completed) Belt: Canvas (Need to make) Boots: Imperial Boots (Completed) Hand Plates: Silicone (Sourcing) Helmet: (Trimmed) Holster: Black Leather (Need to make) Gloves: Black rubber gloves: Home Depot (Completed) Neck Seal: (Completed) Under suit: (Completed) Optional: E-11 Blaster: 3D Printing (Currently making) Space Pack: (Sourcing)
  6. I'm totally going to have to make them. Thanks for posting this.
  7. Awesome find. I'm glad that this thread is still here as it's been roughly 12 years since it was made. Now to find some fabric and start making my belt.
  8. I love my Imperial Boots. They fit perfectly!! Just check to see what day their run is open from. They only have a week log run opened every month.
  9. I found a close up photo of the TK boots. It appears that the normal White TK boots with black soles are what was used. I attached the link to the EA Twitter image.
  10. Thanks!! I'm hoping to hit a few troops in other parts of the Garrison this year, hopefully our paths will cross. Cheers! That almost looks comfortable... almost. I guess I better start learning yoga or something! Can't wait to learn mate!
  11. Looks great. I’ll add a few more photos later this evening. -The hoses are painted white on the end that connects to the helmet. The white extends to the 6th rib.
  12. -The under-suit is ribbed like the one in R1. -Chest box is the ANH box as the ROTJ rocker switches are wedge shaped. Everything else is the same, minus the color variation. (reversed color scheme). Chestbox For 501st approval: The chestbox is required to have the same configurations as seen in the photo. Chest box is white in color The box has 5-1" square x 1/8th" thick detail pieces: 2 Red, 2 White, 1 Black There is a 1/8" thick BLACK pinstripe border around the square detail pieces There are two,18 mm round indicator lights above the rocker switches. One white, one red respectively. There are 3 rocker switches below the round indicator lights. The rockers are always gray, white, gray. The gray rockers have red dots or lamps in their bottom. There is a 1/8" thick BLACK pinstripe that runs horizontally across the bottom portion of the box. There is a male silver snap and a silver round disc with cone knob on the lower portion of the box below the horizontal pinstripe. There are two "gear" type greeblies affixed to either end of the lower tube portion of the box. Theses greeblies are painted the same gray color as the rocker switches. Any lights or LED's added to the chest box are required to be approved by GML. For level two certification (if applicable): Chest box is not electronically lit
  13. Well I'm glad you brought this up. I have been collecting as many images as I can find as well as playing the game. As soon as I saw it in the game I know I wanted to build it. So, it's on my list as well. At our Garrisons last armor building party I asked a few fellow TK members who said that the helmet is based on the R1 bucket with a mohawk, and a mixture of EPIV armor and EPV/VI hands. Of course I'm REALLY new to the FISD and still researching. The back pack is another story...I'm still researching to see if there's something out there or if it would have to be made from scratch. The chest box from the photos that I have collected are the standard ANH TI with different color scheme and the hoses are gray with a portion of the end that attaches to the helmet white. The Battlefront II version is calls a Rocket Trooper in the game. Not sure why they didn't use Jump Trooper.
  14. Thanks everyone. I'm really excited about my future TK build.
  15. Wow. Outstanding work, you should consider making them.
  16. Thank you all for the warm greetings and suggestions. I have already started to figure out where I'm going to hide my TK from my wife...lol. I love the challenge of making as much as I can on my own, learning along the way and discovering new limitations to break. I'm a big believer that with enough research, google, creative thinking and good old fashion trial and error anything can be made, fix or improved. Can't wait to start. Here's a few photos of my Staff officer, Bridge crew and Pilot. The boss didn't like my jokes...lol Troop inspection Bridge Crew member TIE Pilot Everyone gets to sit... but the sandy. Run for the Cure. I'm the one in pink...lol.
  17. Greetings everyone!! As my tile of this thread states, I'm another Badlands Garrison member crashing the FISD. It's taken me sometime to get here, but there's no better day then today! I currently have my ID: Staff Officer, IC: Bridge Crew, and TI: ANH TIE Pilot, but I have always wanted my TK armor so here I am. I do have to admit, I have enjoyed sitting down on troops while all the TKs stand there...sweating and giving me looks and I said to myself... eh, that seems fun, let build the armor. I took a quick glance around and noticed that there's a lot to read, which I can't wait to do. I love to research things to the 9th degree and back so this is going to be fun. Cheers, Sal
  18. ID 10701 requesting 501st status. Tks! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23019
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