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  1. UPDATE: Due to life and its vagaries this kit is going to be up for sale in the immediate future. $900 shipped (lower 48 states only), DM for more info. Sales thread coming soon.
  2. I noticed when they took Leia off to detention one of her guards had changed hands mid-scene... continuity editor much?
  3. And another; check your local community college. We just got a great space in Santa Cruz... Cabrillo College Makerspace
  4. That's kind of where I'm coming from... why am I a Stormtrooper? Obviously I'm more skilled than the average soldier/sailor at taking out the enemies of the Empire. Grunt or Officer? Planet? family? They all come in to play if you go down the womp rat hole...
  5. Hopefully it'll stay open after the goal... the Deathstar doesn't fly until Friday and I want to contribute.
  6. Oh, we use the Force, too, just the non-sticky side.
  7. Jawa makes sense to me for kids just because of the size. Mini-troopers are hella cute, too.
  8. Have you checked in with the German Garrison? Good luck, and welcome!
  9. Staring, mine was staring. Have fun!
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