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  1. Got to watch those New Mexicowegians...
  2. That makes sense as the book takes place pre-ANH, probably not too long before.
  3. There’s a mention in the upper levels on the helmet... “Traps/ tears and tube stripes have the correct ANH TK details.”
  4. I knew a person with a “show” Corvette, swore by Soft Scrub (without bleach).
  5. Wow! Whoever beat you must have been good, you look great! (My Reserve Pilot/Bridge Crew got beat by a zombie...)
  6. My kid probably has those jammies...
  7. Not kids and fur baby specifically but in the world of roller derby there are numerous SW inspired derby names; Darth Brawl, Princess Slaya, and Juke Skywalker to name a few. (A juke is a dynamic move enabling a skater to be in two places simultaneously. Or so it seems if you’re the blocker.)
  8. And four years later I'll say thanks, too! That PDF helps, even now. There are plenty of videos available these days but all of the builders are missing one very important tool; LIGHT! Dark foreground and black plastic don't give much detail.
  9. This is certainly the most entertaining build yet! Lovin' the commentary, Jessy.
  10. Welcome, Chuck, from the far southern reaches of GGG (Santa Cruz). That’s quite the list of builds you have going on! Looking forward to your progress reports.
  11. Welcome, Jessy! Another newbie here, south of you in the San Lorenzo Valley.
  12. One of the first to say hello to newbies and always there to answer questions. I'm honestly not surprised. Good on you, mate!
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