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  1. What is his email and webpage again? I used to have both but since list over the years.
  2. Which plastic, abs or pvc? 

  3. I too have dealt with Rob years ago. And i have nothing but great things to say about his work and the man. He makes a solid kit. Michael
  4. That would be the Altmanns. -Goldenrod
  5. I'm interested in this armor. What exactly comes with it? I know the armor and the helmet. Is the suit a full suit? You can email me at jaylready@yahoo.com Thanks!!

  6. I'm unfamilar with this kit. Is it from TE/AP origins? is it a good sharp kit? Anyone have this and share pics of it? thanks, Michael
  7. What is the length and diameter for the thermal PVC/tube without the end caps on for a AP or TE? Thanks! Michael
  8. Its darn shame. I figured the more forums we post this on they might be found. Heres a link to the story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/s...est/8047758.stm -Goldenrod
  9. Thats a great setup you've designed. Please pm me if you decide to do a run. Goldenrod
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  11. Well i just found this place last night and decided to join after seeing who hangs here. Great bunch. Some may know me from other sites such as RPF and C-3po builders etc. I've been a member of the 501st since 2002 and love hangin with my bros. I have a huge obession for the armor. I like the Bikerscouts, Tie pilots, AT-ATs, Clones and etc. but the regular ANH TK armor is still 1st for me. And as you can tell i'm avid 3po fan. Can't really explain that one. I have a ANH Vader(GH helmet and armor and chestbox), TK409 3po wearable kit, AP TK armor, PA Republic Commando that i'm currently working on. The Vader has been in works for awhile now. I lack the robes/cape and shin armor and hes done. Vaders displayed on a mannequin. Anyways its great to be here so lets have some fun! -Goldenrod
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